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Patient 6959 was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File[edit | edit source]

Asylum Patient
Patient 6959.png
ID: 6959
Name: ???
Threat level: World Ending
Filed: 2020-11-30
By: Dr. Soyowad

Soy Patient: 6959
Biology: Unknown
Threat Level: World Ending
Detainment Orders: None, it is impossible to contain
Description: 6959 is a strange homo sapien resembling entity first spot over several thousand years ago, cave paintings resembling a creature similiar to 6959 have been found in caves in france and germany, 6959 causes insanity and eventual suicide in anyone who comes across it's existence, 6959 has the ability to project physic visions and thoughts into someone else's mind, after impregnating another mind with it's electric interference, 6959 will begin to say words in a unknown language, indivdiuals affected by this claim to see 6959 appear in their dreams, with a voice covered in layers of static, it usually ends with the person finding their family or loved ones brutally murdered with no perpatrator, then 6959 will pull out a gateslip into another dimension and the victim will be sunked into.
6959's psychosis is incredibly powerful, despite the creature rarely being seen in the flesh, the only time 6959 will appear is when one of it's victims commit suicide or go on a mass murder spree, 6959 will appear near the rings of saturn and open a hole in the sky, letting several distorted inhuman faces come out of it before closing it and vanishing in a particle storm.[1]

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