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FoundationOctober 22nd, 2013
Major Boards/qresearch/
Total posts59,000,000+

8chan or currently known as 8kun.top was a popular imageboard subject to multiple controversies on the internet over the years, most known of these was GamerGate. The website began as a small project by Fredrick Brennan on October 22, 2013. His main goals with the infinity project was to create a free-speech platform where anyone could create their own self-moderated boards without fear of censorship. The project is now ran by Jim Watkins.

4chan exodus[edit | edit source]

The janny/hot pockets meme was popularized during the 4chan exodus.

At the peak of GamerGate in 2014, 4chan banned the topic from being discussed on the site, often giving lengthy mass bans to posters who discussed GamerGate. It was theorized that Moot was being influenced by his girlfriend in his decision to ban the topic, since she was friends Anita Sarkeesian at the time. /v/, /pol/ and the general website quickly fell into disarray, with most threads created discussed the unfair moderation of 4chan and finding alternative imageboards to migrate to, among the most popular alternatives discussed was 8chan, which was due to it's strict free-speech policies and ability to create custom boards. During this time, Fredrick welcomed the new users, but the site was slow and it often crashed which was due to the massive influx of users, this was quickly resolved. After the GamerGate controversy, most users decided to stay on 8chan and the site rivaled 4chan for many years.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

"BUT CP IS FREEZE PEACH" as the pedophile cries out about his board being banned.

Pedophile boards[edit | edit source]

Under Fredrick's ownership, multiple pedophilia orientated boards (namely /hebe/) were allowed to exist, which often featured posts of half-nude children and pedophile activism; Fredrick stated that these boards were allowed to exist while citing the First Amendment, even to the expressed outrage of the community. These boards were eventually removed and banned by Jim Watkins after gaining ownership in 2016.

Even long after the banning of these boards, CP spam was still a persistent problem with the website for a few years as it was incredibly easy for anyone to post on it's .onion address without repercussion, this problem was solved in most part by implementing a site-wide captcha system.

Infinity Next[edit | edit source]

Infinity Next was an attempt to overhaul the existing imageboard software of 8chan with a more up to date version, it ended up to be a complete failure and an abandoned project. The idea of an overhaul was a well received by the general community on 8chan at first, however after the beta version of the Infinity next project was launched it was riddled with bugs, slow load times and was generally broken. One of the largest controversies from this project was an exploit where anyone could see the IPs of people who viewed a thread or made a post/thread. Shortly after, the project team fell into disillusionment after being unable to resolve large issues with the project; Jewshua Troon, the lead developer was removed from the project in January 2016.

Transfer of ownership[edit | edit source]

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(((Manifestos)))[edit | edit source]

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Cloudflare and migration back to 4chan[edit | edit source]

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Infamous chudjak uploaded his manifesto to 8chan.

Boards and activity[edit | edit source]

Previously active boards[edit | edit source]

Politics: /pol/, /leftypol/

Videogames: /v/, /gg/

Religion: /christian/, /islam/, /asatru/

Hacktivism: /baphomet/

Pedophilia: /younglove/, /hebe/, /boylove/, /loli/

Zoophilia: /zoo/

Currently active boards[edit | edit source]

/qresearch/ averaging 100-200 PPH

/pnd/ averaging 1-10 PPH

/vichan/ averaging 1-50 PPH

Soyjak.party influence[edit | edit source]

See also: Raids

The /raid/ board on soyjak.party has spammed 8kun many times. 8/pnd/ was a major target for raids. More recently, the catalog of 8/2hu/ was completely cleared out with soyjaks. The popular board /qresearch/ was also raided at one point. Some say this raid brought the attention of several disgruntled Qschizos who still post on soyjak.party to this day.

"I though 8kun was dead."