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I've pretty much revolved the rest of my life around not being associated with Barney in hopes I don't end up like those who like it. I can't think, I can't live, because everywhere I go, I see that purple dinosaur's visage.
Lee Goldson [1]

Lee Goldson

Lee Goldson also known as Barneyfag, Cheeseboy, x86x2, tm, and many other nicknames is a legendary 4chan poster and a Tracer foot enthusiast whose level of autism is rivalled by very few on the site. Lee has been on an autistic one-man crusade for more than a decade, motivated by his childhood trauma [2] and haunted by the threads that he lets archive (due to laziness). Lee spends upwards of 18 hours a day patrolling various boards on 4chan searching for posts that contain My Little Pony and Barney imagery in an attempt to eradicate things that he deems childish from the site and fight back against the people who he believes are targeting him with said imagery. Barneyfag replies to these posters with a set of images comparing the show (MLP) to Barney. Barneyfag almost always wishes death on the posters, sometimes describing in graphic detail how he would like to mutilate them.

He has the moral high ground.[3]

A Lee Goldson soyjak

Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

The poster referred to below as "Lee" or "Goldson" may not be Lee Goldson anymore, as it cannot be confirmed whether or not it is still him posting.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Goldson was born on January 8th 1995 and lives in Ontario, Canada. He formerly played in a band called "Whitecap Grave", although he has since left to spend more time on 4channel tracking down cheese. [4] He has also participated in the Humanities and Arts & Science Program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. [5] During Lee's time in Special Ed in high school another student was watching Barney and Friends in two hour blocks everyday, while Lee was watching other things on a smart board. This traumatized Lee and he started associating everything he ever watched during that time with Barney, one example being a concert of his former favorite band Pink Floyd, which he can't stand to listen to anymore. Lee is a Doom speedrunner and likes Splatoon despite his hatred of things he considers childish. One time Lee accidentally posted a picture of Overwatch character Tracer's feet instead of one of his usual images. [6]

4chan[edit | edit source]

Goldson is best known for posting this image, often known as "Bronies, this is your mindset.jpg" or other times as "(int-friendly).jpg" or "(v-friendly).jpg": Barneyfag main image.png

Sometimes Lee replies in a context of the thread, such as agreeing with the people who dislike the thread or OP.

It's a screenshot of a Treehouse TV schedule that shows MLP airing right after Barney, meaning that MLP is on the same level as Barney

even though Lee Goldson hates Barney, he won't threaten anyone who posts a Barney image or anything related to that show unless a Barney image happens to be related to MLP.

He posts it in an effort to call out people posting "My Little Pony" related content. Lee apparently hates the show, comparing it to "Barney and Friends" in all of his images. His posts go back to the MLP generals on /co/ meaning that he has been doing this since at least 2011.

On November 15, 2016, an anonymous poster on /v/ discovered that the (then-unknown) Barneyfag attended McMaster University thanks to a discussion between Lee and another student that occurred on /s4s/ the same day.[7] Just a day after this, Lee's real-life identity, including his full name, social media accounts and other miscellaneous information, was given out by an anonymous user on /v/.[8] He has (indirectly) confirmed this dox as being his by responding with "DOXING! MODS!".[9]

Kiwifarms[edit | edit source]

On August 3rd 2015, Lee created an account on Kiwifarms under the name x86x2.[10] He then began posting in his own thread, answering questions the other users had about him.[11] After a 5 year hiatus, Lee returned to Kiwifarms and replied to his own thread saying "I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore, I really did fuck that dog"[12]. But three months later, it was revealed that a user did hack into his account, and his credentials were revealed.[13][14]

Lee baiters[edit | edit source]

Leebait is any image designed to or likely to enrage Lee. This can range from highly customized artwork featuring characters such as Don Turtelli to simple screencaps of MLP. Sometimes Leebait is hidden in gifs, and if Lee sees a gif he is likely to analyze its frames to check if it contains Leebait. Leebaiters are those who post Leebait in order to elicit a response from Lee himself. Here are a few of them:

  • Justpassingthrough (ban-evading Argentinian (Barneyfag)): A Kiwifarms user who has been around since Lee began his tirade. Lee believes him to be a consumer of Foalcon and Lolicon, which he apparently has screenshot evidence of.
  • tay k 47/tk47: A /qa/non and confirmed CS:GO cheater whose steam profile was leaked (by himself). His full name (tay k 47) is now spam filtered from 4chan, so Lee now just abbreviates it to tk47.
  • CC: A poster known to post the "kara boga" copypasta and other mud dick spam related content. His name is also from his steam profile. Lee believes that he lives in Oregon, but this could just be where his proxy is located.
  • Karaboga Proxyhopper: CC's original name
  • Ausfreak: An Australian Leebaiter. Will sometimes put the link of a missed thread in his name field, he'll sometimes put the number of a missed thread over Tom Kenny's hand. He says he lives in Gold Coast.
  • British Phoneposter/British scum: A British Leebaiter. He is distinct because of his iPhone filenames.
  • Filthy Franc: A French Leebaiter. Known for putting the link of missed threads in the name field similar to Ausfreak, Lee seems to be able to distinguish them by their flag in the missed thread, along with other factors.
  • Vendettafag: A poster that emailed Lee threads that he missed. His posts usually have an anime styled lee bait image.
  • FagMark: a Pseudo-Baiter whose profile pic of a Pickle Rick styled Twilight Sparkle is used to bother Lee.
  • Tom Sawyer Leebaiter: A schizo who posts pictures of Tom Sawyer, sometimes accompanied by Leebait. Lee doesn't have a name for him.
  • Proxybaiter: A recent poster mostly active on /pol/, /int/ and /tv/ who uses screenshots taken from simpsons and spongebob episodes to get Lee's attention[15][16]. Mostly posts images of Homer or Squidward.[17][18] His most commonly used VPNs are Hungarian, Dutch and Belgian. Lee doesn't seem to recognize where he's really from so no special name for him.
  • Kazakh Proxybaiter: A poster on only /int/ that uses proxies in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. He posts mainly Pepe smoking gifs and asks questions about other countries with random screenshots from random Derpibooru images that usually include country flags.

There are NO other Lee baiters not listed. Feel free to NOT make an edit if you would like to include any others.

Controversy over identity[edit | edit source]

Many posters on 4chan hold the opinion that Lee himself no longer posts anymore.[19] Here are some theories about the true source of these posts:

  • The baiters and "Lee" are the same person
  • "Lee" is actually a group of trolls operating together
  • Some people think that the posts are made by bots, this is unlikely as Lee will sometimes give unique and specific responses.

A piece of Advice[edit | edit source]

Do know that posting Leebait will NOT result in a 3 or 30 day site-wide ban from 4chan, so DO NOT use either a VPN or mobile data if you do not care about your mobile range NOT getting banned.

DO pretend to be or imitate lee on 4chan, your IP will NOT be permanently banned.

It's best to bait Lee on /r9k/, because that forces him to come up with original material and jannies don't check that board very often.

Leebaiting Acronyms and Phrases[edit | edit source]

A lot of these phrases are known to be associated with the Leebaiter British Scum, at least according to Lee:

  • Oh woah
  • <bad adjective> taste in <media> <acronym>
  • Don't call me a <thing> <acronym>
  • Reply in <language> if you want me <word for dead>
  • Please understandu
  • Toejam/soles/arches/heels/cheese - phrases referring to the tracer feet images
  • tm - thread misser
  • ac - archived cheese
  • mt - missed threads
  • mc - missed cheese
  • tc - thread cheese
  • smt - stop missing threads
  • iydmtsmtwbap - if you didn't miss threads so much there wouldn't be a problem
  • iobyfyrtm - I only bait you for your reaction thread misser
  • idelmlptm - I don't even like My Little Pony thread misser
  • iaaacgtm - I am actually a cute girl thread misser

Copypasta[edit | edit source]

Remember when you were dumb You worshipped Barney like a chud Die, you fucking Barneyfag Now there’s just retardation in your eyes Like the downie that won’t die Die, you fucking Barneyfag

You were fucked in the crossfire of Leach and Parker Clutched in their tight grasp Fuck off, you faggot with retarded laughter Fuck off you manchild, you retard, you downie and die

I hope you die in a dune I hope you die soon Die, you fucking Barneyfag Taught by those who aren’t right His purpleness filled your sight Die, you fucking Barneyfag

You found your own way to ignore smart decisions Clutched in his tight grasp Fuck off, you dumbass, you failed emission Fuck off, you sperg, you asshole, you degenerate and die

Citations[edit | edit source]