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The Department of Based Federal Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

The Department of Based (DoB), more commonly known as the Based Department, is a federal agency of the American government that is responsible for national based policy[1], including the cataloguing of based posts. Under the Public Based Act, it is a strictly a descriptivist authority rather than a prescriptivist one[2], in that it describes what is based instead of deciding what is based[3]. Contrary to popular belief, the Based Department is also charged with the responsibility for cataloguing cringe posts.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

During 2020-1, the word "based" itself increasingly began to be seen as cringe due to its rising popularity among Redditors and Twitter users in a trend that also gave rise to proposed replacements such as keyed. Throughout 2021, calls mounted for the Based Department to find "based" cringe, but the organisation has so far been unwilling to do this[4] as it would essentially amount to calling itself cringe.

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