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Average Bunkerchan user
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FoundationSeptember 8th, 2015
Major Boards/leftypol/
Total posts1,000,000+

FORMERLY AHAHAHAHAH Bunkerchan.net leftypol.org, or leftychan.net, is a datamining website founded in 1998. Originally a board on 8chan, it was made as an alternative to 4channel's /pol/ board. [1]

Bunkerchan.net DO DID NOT tolerate intolerance nor bigotry. [2] Interestingly enough though, they though that Gulags were so funny they named a nigger board after them. Bunkerchan? More like bunkertranny! [3] [4]

Datamining![edit | edit source]

To nobody's surprises leftypol.org mods, specifically Cabalo (who is responsible for the radlib wordfilters for "nigger" and "tranny" btw) engage in datamining, proof below.

Another description of an average bunkerchan user
Post this, and see how quickly you'll get banned.

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