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The most commonly used image of Don Turtelli on 4chan. (Source)

Don Turtelli is a minor villain character from the 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. He's primarily known on 4chan for his association with Barneyfag and leebaiting as a whole.

In the TMNT canon[edit | edit source]

Don Turtelli is a minor antagonist in the 1980's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He is a mob boss who is known to torture his victims by tickling their feet in order to get information out of them. Despite being a relatively unimportant villain overshadowed by the other famous villains from the franchise, Leebaiters have turned him into a sort of cult classic character.

In Leebait[edit | edit source]

Due to his character being intrinsically linked with tickling feet, he quickly became a popular subject in foot fetish pictures. Despite only seen tickling feet as a torture method in official media, he is often drawn smelling them seemingly for pleasure or humiliation, saying his now-iconic catchphrase, "It smell like cheese!" Or other variants.

Many of these pictures feature My Little Pony characters, and are hosted on the Brony art site Derpibooru.[1] Because of this, and Lee Goldson's apparent foot fetish[2], Don Turtelli is an extremely popular character in Leebait. Posters often photoshop Lee over Turtelli in these pics, which leads him to accuse the Leebaiter of trying to get "on the moral high ground"

In Fun with Lee Goldson[edit | edit source]

in Kool Yung Soot’s Fun with Lee Goldson Canon, the British Phoneposter (B2P),A bearded Oswald Mosely lookalike with permenantly grey skin(most likely a result of incest) is known to imitate, dress like, and impersonate him with cheese puns added. It is unknown whether it is to further Harass Lee or out of an unknown psychotic obsession.

Citations[edit source]