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Dr. Soyswedeson, a distinguished faculty member and research fellow of the Asylum

Dr. Soyswedeson is Chief Euthaniser and a Psychiatrist at the Mental Asylum. Dr. Soyswedeson kills patients who have attempted to escape and been captured or who are deemed too dangerous for internment in the Asylum. Dr. Soyswedeson also is Chief Researcher of the Asylum, and has been a prolific publsher of original research about such diseases as schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders as well as on his Theory of Soyjak Psychology. Dr. Soyswedeson has written 567 case studies to date, such as on the soy cashier trio, Dr. Soyowad and many other patients in the Asylum.

Dr. Soyswedeson has been criticized for hard-to-replicate results, evading peer and ethics review, and of overly citing on his own work and a few select authors Soyswedeson is obsessed with.