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This page has been subject to a censorship campaign. Read every revision in the page's history to learn the truth.

Frenschan or Fedschan is a honeypot imageboard purportedly in protest of the current state of /b/ and /pol/.

stu pidasso will troon out in 2039[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Frenschan was founded as an (((alternative))) to 4chan free of overbearing janitors and censorship (But, as the "sanctity" of the site was threatened by outside parties the mods are now keen on shutting down any and all posts deemed as "degenerate" or "derailment", this does include Soyjaks).

  • On 04/21/22 frenschan Jannies rangebanned all of Israel
  • On 04/23/22 frenschan Jannies deleted their Anime board
  • Many users and soyjakkers called this out as cringe, and started raiding the site as a response, prompting several tranitor meltdowns.[2]
  • On 5/18/22 frenschan made the /qa/ board which was made to "revive" the original /qa/
  • On 11/something/22 the /qa/ board was removed. 'jaks are still posted on other fc boards doe.
Fedschan jannies have a tantrum

Controversy and Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

This website currently sits at 4500 unique posters and 35000 posts, most of which are just bots/spam. Given the fact the site is dead as shit and slower than the least active sharty board, they engaged in a 1 sided conflict with With influential groups like the SPVA starting to shill the site, they make some believe that there are "things" that we still don't know yet .

Some posters on believe that Frenschan supporters have infiltrated some high end positions in the website, this gives some speculation as to the ultimate goal that is desired by Frenschan users. Others believe it is ousting Soot as moderator or fragmenting it's userbase entirely while consuming it into it's own.

/qa2 (Frenschan's version of /qa/) is the shitty attempt to recreate the classic 4chan's kwah on Frenschan, the board is a massive fail and is pretty much dead.

The way Frenschan users talk is radically different from that of any other altchan. This causes riducule to it's users. Words such as henlo, fren, cozy, comfy, and other similiar phrases and words are used to convey their points. With this "dialect" paired with the overbearing ruling of the mods this silences any 'jak speech (such as gem, coal, brimstone, etc.).

There's also a theory that a few select users on the wiki that may be spies for frenschan. And are relentlessly editing this article.