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Hiroyuki Nishimura or Hiro for short is the owner of 2chan and 4chan. He created the /qa/ board on 4chan "for the discussion of meta topics and … other things"[1]

Even though on paper he runs 4chan, in reality he has long since ceded control of the site to a cabal of discord jannies, each being parcelled out a board as their own little fiefdom. Recent Janon leaks confirm that it has in fact been months since Hiro checked in on the site. It is very likely that the janitors control what information reaches his ears so he may not even know about the locking of /qa/. Therefore it is imperative that soyteens contact him ASAP and show him the corruption that has grown in his absence. Or don't, it's obvious that gook faggot really doesn't care and is more interested in making retarded livestreams no one can even understand and shilling 4chan passes.

The leader of this cabal appears to be the infamous 4chan admin "Rapeape" considered by many to be the reason modern 4chan is full of spam and political coal.

In Japan, Hiroyuki frequently appears in the news, and is a popular figure on account of the life advice he gives to people (who assumedly don't know about the 'cuck.) He is a slightly divisive figure but generally liked by the population. He seems to live a life largely free of the burdens of running a shitshow such as 4chan, to the point where an outsider might start to question why he bought it in the first place, given that it's unlikely to generate much profit + the risk in owning such a controversial platform. Why Hiroyuki bought 4chan from Moot remains a topic of intense debate amongst experts and scientists. meds gookmoot isn't real and 4chan is being run by the feds