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/his/ - History & Humanities is a 4chan board dedicated to discussing haplogroups and how Hitler could have won.

Party raid[edit | edit source]

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The second raid on /his/ shortly before the jannies arrived (you will NOT complain about the quality)

On Feburary 4th, 2022, soyjak.party successfully raided /his/ when it replaced eight and a half pages of the catalog with soy threads, making the board look like /qa/. The raid was so thorough that 4chan mods had to resurrect dead threads in order to repopulate the board.[1][2][3] Another raid was conducted by the 'party on August 17th, 2022, which led to a good portion of the catalog being gemmed up for a while before the jannies found out and nuked half the board.[4]

Citations[edit | edit source]