Italo-Argentine War

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Italo-Argentine War
Part of Imageboard Autism
31373 - SoyBooru.png
>total shitgent-ACK! >total shitali-ACK!
Date31 July 2022 - present
(7 months and 3 weeks)
Result Ongoing
Flag of Italy.svg 1 Italian

Flag of Argentina.svg 1 Argentinian
Flag of Bolivia.svg Boliguayo
Supported By:

Flag of Morocco.svg The Moroccan[1][2]
Autism.svg Autism Autism.svg Autism
Casualties and losses
  • Irreparable damage to the booru's comment section
  • Brain damage to everyone involved
  • Creation of the Brunetto subvariant

The Italo-Argentine War is an ongoing flame war between 2 posters on whether their people are white or not, even though they're both not white.

As of March 20th 2023, this is still ongoing, and like 40% of new booru posts are dedicated to it.

History[edit | edit source]

Original TSD post. Subsequent posts switched from Italian to Italaryan

On July 31 2022, a local Argentinian schizo (unable to buy his meds due to inflation) started to call for "TOTAL Italaryan DEATH" on /int/.[3] Since /int/ is a natural watering hole for the mentally ill, his calls for genocide went unnoticed at first. However, his passionate insistence started to gain a cult following.[4] A large and dedicated anti-Italaryan campaign grew on /int/ and spread to other vulnerable boards such as /tv/ and /a/.

Battle of the 'ru[edit | edit source]

In January 2023, the calls for the death of all Italaryans reached the 'ru. Anti-Italaryan images were posted and the Argentine howled for the death of all Italaryans in the comments. In response,  anti-shitgentinian images began appearing. The comment section was flooded with images of the Italaryan/shitgentinian chudjak with a small dick. The fighting escalated significantly in February and shows no sign of stopping. It is unknown whether the participants are actually Argentinian and Italian or just a bunch of board samefagging teens. Multiple peer-reviewed studies are being conducted to confirm this theory.

In an attempt to curb the spam, the booru filtered key words and images, including Italaryan, shitgentinian and the aforementioned images of chudjak on February 21 2023. This has not worked.

Brunetto[edit | edit source]

33800 - SoyBooru.png
Soyjak subvariant
Origin/int/, 4chan (August 15, 2022)[5]
Booru PostsOnionsbooru-icon.png 45 As of February 23 2023
Based OnBernd

Brunetto is a deformed subvariant of the hanging Bernd variant with eyes bulging out and olive shaded skin. Originally posted as part of an edit of the painting Destruction, a standalone version was eventually posted where it spread.[6][7] The subvariant was named Brunetto, a common Italian name[it just is, ok?] on February 18 2023 by dust when a blank template was posted.[8]

Other Wars[edit | edit source]

The war has spawned a few ripoffs spinoffs in the booru, including:

Citations[edit source]

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