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>Did you just mention janny points? 9000 points have been deducted from your score.

Janny Points is a social-credit system for imageboards that is currently being developed by the 4chan administration, the program initiated trials in 2018 and is currently not available for the public.[1]

The janny points system call for a unified record system that is based on 4chan pass status, ban count, reporting rate, and many other things.[2] Getting blacklisted will lead to a ban and your posting history will be watched closely.

Enforcing and publicizing the janny points system is one of the main goals of Operation Clean Stable, and entitles the model posters to access secret boards such as /qa2/ and /pol2/ (/leftypol/ but on 4chan).[3]

Policy[edit | edit source]

The janny points system has an extensive policy, unfortunately only some parts of the policy were leaked.


  • Using racist or derogatory towards black people and the LGBT community.1 janny point deducted
  • Questioning the behavior of moderators or janitors.2-10 janny points deducted depending on severity / could lead to blacklist
  • False reporting.2 janny points deducted
  • Not buying 4chan pass.5 janny points deducted until the user buys the pass
  • Spamming / posting soyjaks.6 janny points deducted + temporary blacklist
  • Ban evading.30 janny points deducted if you evade using router/300 janny points deducted if you evade using proxies
  • Exposing moderators or janitors.50-200 janny points deducted depending on severity + temp/permanent blacklist
  • Mentioning the janny points system/OCS.9000 janny points deducted + permanent blacklist


Everything in this list will be doubled if you're a 4chan pass user

  • Praising Yotsuba.+1 janny point
  • Stating that 4chan is an anime website.+2 janny points
  • Reporting posts that violate the 4chan rules.+5 janny points
  • Defending the 4chan moderation team.+7 janny points
  • Posting about the superior trans people.+10 janny points
  • Buying 4chan pass.+70 janny points
  • Buying another pass.+80 janny points for each pass, this can not be used to evade janny points blacklist
  • Becoming a 4chan janitor/moderator.JANNY POINTS SYSTEM NO LONGER APPLIES ON YOU

Citations[edit | edit source]