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Keyed is a proposed replacement for based , with it's users being rather unhappy with leftists (especially trannies) adopting based, and if based isn't considered based anymore, then keyed will still be considered keyed. Despite not being the only word promoted to replace based, with platformed and schway also being promoted, being the first, quisit is the most likely to survive. ----------- OUTDATED INFO: quisit is dead and forgotten, only keyed and schway remain.-------------OUTDATED INFO: schway is dead and forgotten, only keyed remains.

While generally considered a “forced meme” by some, it is used unironically by a few people.

Gem and Coal are believed to be spiritual successors to Keyed and Locked.

History[edit | edit source]

An example of pro-keyed propaganda.

Keyed originated on /tv/ in late 2020. Despite not being popular with /tv/, which isn't surprising considering the recent attempted leftypol takeover of several boards including /v/, /tv/, /qa/, /lit/, and /his/,[take your meds immediately] its use on /qa/ (RIP) and has remained, especially with based and redpilled chuds.

UPDATE: sharty members are attempting to BTFO keyed with "Alkaline" and "Acidic"

UPDATE: sharty members did not BTFO keyed with "Alkaline" and "Acidic" it was gay and retarded and nobody misses it.