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Arch Linux (rolling) running GNOME 42.4, Gnu IceCat 102.3 and Nemo File Manager 5.4.3. Cute and valid!

Linux Or as I have recently taken to calling it, GNU/Linux is the result of decades of combined effort between controversial software developer Linus Poettering and accomplished hardware engineer LinusTechTips. It really only exists to further the purposes of soyposting because you can't actually use it for school or work[it just is, ok?] but you can quote 'boys like there's no tomorrow.

Soyquoting with Bash[edit | edit source]

Richard Soylman
The man behind the tools used here, Richard Soylman

Here are some ways to optimize and invigorate your soyquoting. Even if you have Windows or whatever, just install Bash (Borne-again Soy H). Make sure you have sed and the other tools made by the fat guy who eats shit from his foot.

# Greentext every line
echo "OFFENDING_TEXT_HERE" | sed 's/^/>/g' # or
sed 's/^/>/g' "OFFENDING_TEXT_FILE"
# Redtext every line
echo "OFFENDING_TEXT_HERE" | sed 's/^\(.*\)$/==\1==/g' # or,
sed 's/^\(.*\)$/==\1==/g' "OFFENDING_TEXT_FILE"
# Sort text and then greentext it (goes well with Markovquoting???)
echo "SOYSPEAK_HERE" | sort | sed 's/^/>/g'
# Capitalize everything and greentext it
echo "$THE_SOY" | sed 's/^\(.*\)/>\U&/g' # or,
echo "$THE_SOY" | tr [:lower:] [:upper:] | sed 's/^/>/g'
# You-will-eat-the-bugsquoting
echo "SOYSPEAK_HERE" | sed 's/^/>YOU WILL /g'
# The above but more schwab-like and negative
echo "SOYSPEAK_HERE" | sed 's/^/>YOU WILL NOT /g'
# Post-schwabquoting
echo "SOYSPEAK_HERE" | sed 's/^/>AND YOU WILL BE /g'
# Add Artificial (You)s to every link-quote
sed -E 's/(>>[0-9]+)/\1 (You)/g' "OFFENDING_TEXT_FILE"