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The origin of soyjak or ajakogenesis[1] is a multi-disciplinary academic field within the Soyical Arts which concerns the creation and early historiography of soyjak.

It had been common knowledge for many years in the soy community that the first ever soyjak was posted to /int/ on December 30th, 2017.[2] However, on September 1st, 2021, 'jak historians on /qa/ unearthed bombshell evidence[3] that called into question everything we know about the origin of soyjak by discovering possible "first jak" candidates which pre-dated the timescale for the previously-accepted "Out of Swedish Win" theory. This has prompted a renaissance in the subject.

History[edit | edit source]

new 'toss
Nu-Male classification index

Ancient Soyciety (13.8bya-1982)[edit | edit source]

Portraying someone you don't like as a whiny bitch who says that and looks like that is a crucial component of the human condition, and has been observed in soyciety since antiquity. This period is considered by some 'jak historians to be the "Protojak" stage of human evolution.

Technological Revolution (1982-2015)[edit | edit source]

On September 19th, 1982, some nerd posted the first emoticon ever, ":-)" on his university system.[4] No doubt a lot of jakking went on when they later invented ":O"

Pre-Soyjak Era (2015-2017)[edit | edit source]

The classification of specific types of "men" characterized by their beard-and-glasses fashion, terminally online presence, and absence of strong male attributes under the term "Nu-Male" first started appearing in 2015, with the first appearance taking place on /pol/ on December 18th, 2015.[5] It is common (or perhaps uncommon) knowledge that this is the primordial meme from which the common Soyjak evolved from. Intermediary memes such as the term "Soy Boy" also evolved from the term Nu-Male, although their fame was rapidly eclipsed by the Soyjak.[6]

The Soyjak Era (2017-Present)[edit | edit source]

The first recorded case of the Soyjak occurred on December 30th, 2017 within the /int/ board.

The 'party was birthed on September 19th, 2020. Curiously, September 19th was also the date when the first emoticon was created by Scott Fahlman. This is considered by many fact checkers to be a coincidence and you WILL NOT investigate it further.

Theories[edit | edit source]

The entire field of ajakogenesis can essentially be reduced to one simple but deceptive question: what was the first 'jak? As of the time of writing, archeological investigation has uncovered 4 potential candidates, but there are still major gaps in knowledge in most of them and debate rages on whether certain candidates qualify as 'jaks. Therefore, what constitutes the first soyjak is now no longer a matter of history, but one of philosophy: what is a jak? The answer depends on one's opinion of what's NAS and what's IAS.

An infographic showing the evolutionary lineage of the classic soyjak variant.

Out of Swedish Win theory[edit | edit source]

The "original" soyjak.

The out of Swedish Win theory posits that the first soyjak was posted to /int/ by a Swede on December 30th, 2017, constituting a Swedish Win.[7] All sides agree that this was the first appearance of the particular Wojak edit that would later be known as the "classic soyjak variant" by the soy community, and it is also uncontroversial that the filename soyak.png was the original Swedish name for the creation; however, the extremely late posting date compared to other first 'jak candidates raises skepticism among researchers. Comparative soynatomy has been proposed by various soyologists as a solution to this question, asserting that a proper Soyjak must have a wide jaw capable of unhinging itself so as to make the classic "soy" gape, and that any protojak which did not have this trait must be considered either a relative of or a non-soyjak ancestor of Soyak (in a similar way to various ancient hominids being ancestral to modern Humans, while they were not H. sapiens they have a resemblance to them). Others still assert that improper archival practices were to blame for this, and soyak truly preceded several other candidates but due to timezone differences it marked as a later one.

The out of Swedish Win theory is the traditional explanation for the origin of soyjak and remains the most accepted theory, even in the light of new evidence and on-going research.

Soylent Wojak.

Soylent Wojak theory[edit | edit source]

On November 19th, 2017, a /v/ user started a thread[8] with an image titled soylent-wojak.jpg. The image not only bore superficial resemble to a conventional 'jak (glasses, stubble, soylent), but the post was also a you-say-this-and-look-like-this type affair. Furthermore, the filename Soylent Wojak neatly shortens to "Soylent Wojak".

Phantom replies[edit | edit source]

The replies to the first known thread containing soylent-wojak.jpg seem to suggest that similar threads had been made before—the first reply calls it a "forced meme",[9] while another reads "ive been here for some really unfunny and forced memes, but soyboy might take the cake".[10]

NAS allegations[edit | edit source]

Upon the proposal of the Soylent Wojak theory, critics discounted that soylent-wojak.jpg was the first soyjak on the basis that it's not a soyjak at all,[11][12] as it had a closed mouth and bore little resemblance to modern soyjaks. This prompted a contracted debate.[13]

Soviet Theory[edit | edit source]

A soviet propaganda poster from 1932 features a remarkably IASsy group of 4 representations of anti-leninists being made fun of in a "you say this and looks like this" way[14]

Other theories[edit | edit source]

Confused soyjak with question marks around his head.png To be researched: further datamining into this thread https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/4970397/. Can (You) help us?

Furry artist conspiracy theory[edit | edit source]

Main article: Furry artist conspiracy theory

The furry falseflag is a fabricated myth and debunked conspiracy theory which falsely claims that soyjak was commissioned by a "massive diaper shit loving sperg". The hoax purports that the soy community is actually just one guy spamming "over 100+ wojak edits" which he commissioned instead of his usual order of "furry diaper scat images". Despite having no evidence and being thoroughly debunked and fact-checked by Snopes Politifact the CIA and Mossad, the fraud circulated around /v/ and other boards for a while.[15][16]

Censorship[edit | edit source]

The Soot-approved screenshot.

On September 1st, 2021, an innocuous thread on the 'party discussing the then-recent discoveries was "accidentally" deleted by Soot. He later uploaded a screenshot of the deleted thread for the historical record, but there is no telling what he sanitised or otherwise edited out.

We can only infer that there is something about the origin of soyjak that Soot does not want us to know.

The Lost Basedjaks[edit | edit source]

For the last time, there is NO SUCH THING as "the lost basedjaks". You WILL NOT attempt to unearth the lost soy scrolls, they DO NOT exist

Citations[edit | edit source]

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