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I don't think that is a good idea. /po/ is seriously one of (if not only) boards that still retains old 4chan culture. They do nothing wrong, don't deserve such malicious fate to be dragged into the chaos of soyjak raids. Raiding such boards only makes other anons brand us as underage assholes.

/po/ - Papercraft and Origami is an unfunny board on 4chan that's slow as shit and still contains threads from a few years ago, back when 4chan was dominated by cringe reddit influence. Because of this, it is worshipped by pseudo-oldfags who want to read these "old" threads because they don't know what archives are. Obviously, no one who isn't retarded actually cares about gay weeaboo paper shit, so this board can be raided with no restraint.

Being so hopelessly weak and vulnerable, this little whore of a board is constantly forced to endure brutal rapes from all sorts of raiders, dating back to crossboard raids from /b/, to pokéfags on /v/, to /s4s/, to /qa/. Despite this cherished sitewide tradition dating back so long, many will continue to seethe and moan about cherished oldfaggotry, but by the time anyone realizes any raid has occurred the board'll already be fucked anyway.

You might wonder why moot would create such a useless board, but the truth is that he created /po/ solely because its name was so similar to /pol/, giving the kike mods the ability to hide and sabotage particularly eye-opening threads on /pol/ that would otherwise threaten their hegemony. By secretly moving them to a dead board where gullible users in fact will laugh at the victim and disregard the evident truths, /pol/ can continue to be spammed by demoralizers without refutation. Outrage at the raids on /po/ are in fact either manufactured by mods to discourage fighting back against their censorship, or are done by /leftypol/ troons who agree with the censorship and seethe at people calling it out.

Raid of June 17, 2021[edit | edit source]

The oldest living thread (non-stickied) on 4chan, a Pepakura thread on /po/, dies after 1990 days as a result of the soyjak.party GODS who spammed new threads and bumped existing ones to kill ancient /po/ threads. [1]

Raid of September 4, 2022[edit | edit source]

The new oldest living thread (non-stickied) on 4chan, the Paper Pendulum Clock thread on /po/, archives after 2300 days as a result of the soyjak.party BVLLs who spammed the thread to bump limit and bumped every other thread in order to archive it. Unfortunately the next day it got unarchived, making this one of the biggest coals in sharty history. [2]