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/pol/ is often visited by glowniggers
he is right

/pol/ is a board on 4chan for political discussion, created on November 10, 2011. Originally, /pol/ started as a spin-off of /new/ 8 months after it was deleted, this deletion was due to the fact that a large portion of the users on /new/ were "stormfront users" or "nazis" which caused the moderators of 4chan to delete the board entirely before creating /pol/.

The current state of /pol/[edit | edit source]

It's widely agreed upon that /pol/ is currently a politically themed random board due to extremely low quality content and niggerdick spam posted regularly (this includes: bait/shill posts, NSFW content, sperging, reddit migrants and schizoposting). The large drop in quality can be attributed to the fact of /pol/'s massive rise in popularity during and after the election of Donald Trump when /pol/ was frequently mentioned in the mainstream media, this caused a massive influx of newfags who weren't adapted to the culture, with various conflicting political opinions to flood the aryan board.

A left-wing board before stormfront/chadfront invasion?[edit | edit source]

Some people will assert that /pol/ was a centre-left or left-wing board before "stormfront" flooded it, this is SOMEWHAT untrue, /pol/ had a right-wing majority. The userbase mostly ranged from Ron Paul libertarians to Nazis, this can be proven by looking at early archives [1] [2] discussing /pol/ in 2012 (/pol/ itself has little to no archives before 2014).

Mass Shootings[edit | edit source]

/pol/ has been linked to shooters such as Brenton Tarrant and Payton Gendro. It has been theorized that they either have no lives, spent their days on /pol/ and end up radicalized, or they might have been psyops orchestrated by the Feds.

/pol/ on other imageboards[edit | edit source]

Soyjak.party - /pol/

8kun (formerly 8chan) - /pnd/ (formerly /pol/)

endchan - /pol/

kohlchan - /pol/, but German

16chan - /pol/

Leftypol (formerly bunkerchan which was formerly /leftypol/ on 8chan) - Commiepedotroon leftist political website

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Chudjak - depiction of the right-wing racist nazi incel Patrick Crusius

Citations[edit | edit source]