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A typical reCAPTCHA (Haven't we done this enough times by now?)

Now removed from the wiki and replaced with QuestyCaptcha and Kaptcha.

Google Recaptcha (stylized as reCAPTCHA) is an unethical datamining program that formerly forced users of 4chan and the Soyjak wiki to enable cross-site contamination and Javascript with Google, allowing them to peer into your computer and log your IP. The "neural network training" (unpaid forced labor, aka slavery) is simply a front put up to cover up reCAPTCHA's main purpose: to log everyone's internet activity and fingerprint them, tracking them across every website they visit that uses reCAPTCHA.

As you know, Google is one of the main companies working towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is assumed that reCAPTCHA fingerprinting is used to track people's thoughtcrimes and speechcrimes, linking them to the real person (yes, even if they use TOR or a proxy). When UN blue-helmet 'peacekeepers' start showing up at soyjak.party users' houses to enforce the temporary extended length (indefinite) decrees of the New Normal, you can blame Soot for putting reCAPTCHA on the Wiki. Even though reCAPTCHA is now removed from the wiki, the damage has already been done and many users have been identified and fingerprinted.

Project Maven[edit | edit source]

Data gathered with reCAPTCHA is potentially used by the Pentagon to train drones to identify things such as chimneys, people, vehicles, and so on. This project is known as Project Maven, which Google helped work on. [1]

The implication of this is that an AI-controlled drone is making its own decisions about who to track and spy on (but definitely not kill) partly based off of 'training' from billions of random Internet users, including users of an Indonesian underwater basket weaving imageboard. Obviously, this would only ever be used for benevolent and worthy goals such as fighting Islamic terrorism. Trust the plan and eat the bugs!

On soyjak.party[edit | edit source]

reCAPTCHA as it used to appear on soyjak.party.

Soot has used reCAPTCHA on a number of occasions to combat automated spam. [2] He used to use this as a short-term solution while he is unable to actively moderate, and because soyjak.party's (i.e. Vichan's) "built-in captcha" didn't "work properly". [3]

recaptcha reenabled while i'm at work. i'll look into a solutipn [sic] against bots when i get home.

- Soot, in soyjak.party's pinned message. [4]

4chan[edit | edit source]

4chan users frequently reported having to solve multiple captchas, sometimes in the double digits, just to create one post, especially on /pol/. [5] This was most likely Google attempting to suppress certain information and viewpoints from reaching users too quickly.

Citations[edit | edit source]

(there is a penis in the 4plebs search results btw)