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/s4s/ on /po/, causing even moot to admit defeat.

[s4s] (not /s4s/ (not [s4s])) is a shitpost board on the shitpost website 4chan where no fun is allowed. Previously known for epic memes and being a raiding force to be reckoned with, /s4s/ is now a hypersensitive failure where everything must be serious business. Once upon a time it was once known for being "impossible to raid" because the users would just join in and have fun. This has subsided, and now anything aside from what's directly approved by resident mods and namefags causes so much seething, you'd think you accidentally stumbled upon /a/.

Post this on /s4s/

They're also responsible for the Enbiefaggots on /qa/, because a mod forced it way too hard.