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Minecraft-Coal.png This page is coal; you WILL help by expanding it. (also known as Sidty or Sidcity) is a Sharty clone altchan based on the Sidson variant.

The Imageboard currently consisted of six boards: Original comics and cartoons (/coc/), General (/gen/), Maxzed (/mz/), Sidson (/sid/), Son of the Mask (/SotM/) and Lore (/vath/), being /sid/ the most used board. /Vath/ was deleted but replaced with /the/,/mus/,/meta/,and /amf/ a board directly made for frogposters

History[edit | edit source]

The website was founded by Vath and launched on December 16, 2022, announced in a thread on /soy/, later moved to /q/[1]. The thread itself was not very successful but several users chose to try the site.

Sidson, being a relatively new and unknown variant, although somewhat popular for a while, is a new concept for Sharty users. Still, several people are already contributing OC gems to the site.

Froge General

The first general in /sid/ was Froge General /frg/[2], based on the NAS Froge variant, banned on the Sharty's /soy/.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

As of December 16th, 2022, the launching day, the site has:

  • Total posts: 92
  • Unique Posters: 49
  • Active content: 9.51 MB.

References[edit | edit source]