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Minecraft-Coal.png This page is coal; you WILL help by expanding it. [1]Son of the Mask is the nickname for the BigHead Persona of the Mask user Tim Avery and is pushed by MaskChads Maskposters

The Average Maskposter ready to derail your threads
The gem, The Coalposter, The Legend

S.O.T.M. threads have appeared on /Sneed/ based on the Sneed/Mask wars of 2019.

Many Mask threads remain in a limbo of Gem and Coal, with many raid attempts successful.

'jakkers believe that Mask threads originate from (Know Your Meme) a cover for the K.Y.M. The Kremlin of Yugoslavian Meddlers, but in reality, it came from /tv/.

The Main Maskposter is known to be a K.Y.M. informative (even THOUGH he isn't from the Balkans) Vinluv Handesbukia whose coal attempts had harden into infamous GEMS

A K.Y.M. agent after successfuly raiding Soyjak.Party with maskthreads

SotM is inherently connected to Punisher posters. As both are originate from /co/ and /tv/ who's raid attempts have ranged from Gems and Coal.

As of 2022 maskchads won,lead predominantly by Vinluv

ID'd or IV'd?[edit | edit source]

Nojak's favorite meme

Son of the Mask has taken a new life as internet lingo. ID'd is used in substitute of good and IV'd in substitute of Bad. Simple 'as