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Soyjak Nicknames refer to alternative, often endearing names used to refer to soyjaks in general.

Types of Nicknames[edit | edit source]

The oldest and most well established nicknames are abbreviations of "soyjak":

  • Soy/Soys (sometimes used to refer to real-life soy boys)
  • 'jak/'jaks/'yak/'yaks

The popularity of the latter is demonstrated by the name of soyjak.party's sister site, The Dailyjak. Starting around July 2021, some Chuds on soyjak.party began similarly abbreviating other words; "coal" became "'oal", "gem" became "'em" and so on.

Another, somewhat rarer, trend is the use of more intricate and bizarre nicknames. These etymologically derive from the aforementioned abbreviations, but conversely attempt to lengthen the word instead of shorten it:[1][2]

  • 'jakkie
  • 'jakerino
  • 'jakling
  • 'jacques
  • 'jacob
  • 'jacobson
  • 'jack [3]
  • 'jacker
  • 'jakarta
  • 'jaksie
  • 'jakpot
  • 'jakeroo
  • 'jakass
  • 'jakalope
  • 'jakhammer
  • 'jackanapeses

Citations[edit | edit source]