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The Cancer That Is Killing /soy/

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The cancer that is killing /soy/ is a commonly implied talking point discussed by many soyteens. This is referred to the decline in quality of posts on /soy/.

Main Culprits[edit | edit source]

Americans[edit | edit source]

IT'S BURGER HOURS! It's said that quality drops significantly when Americans are awake. This includes raids getting snitched on, politicoal spamming, and gangam-style jaks. Just ignore that most of the board-wiping spam happens during European hours.

Kuz[edit | edit source]

Kuz, his Kolyma shills and jackbooted thugs who break into innocent soyteens houses in the middle of the night to beat them up for no reason are considered responsible for killing /soy/ by many teens.

Europeans[edit | edit source]

Lazy Europeans refusing to volunteer to be jannys stretches the mod team too thin to deal with CSAM in the early mornings when Americans are asleep. This causes each day to begin with a frantic removal of CSAM spammed during the night, which transitions into drama in the morning, and the response to that drama trickles through the rest of the day and makes posting quality worse. Snopes has verified this claim.

4chan (certain boards)[edit | edit source]

It is believed that certain boards, as revenge for stealing their gets, attempt to coal up the 'party by posting their own kind of content or by posting demoralization coal directly to the sharty.

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