The Great Soyset

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Jannycia.png Warning! This page or section may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.
Battle of ACK!
Part of /lgbt/ theater of Troon-Chud Spam Wars
/lgbt/, a photo before janny came back with his hotpockets
/lgbt/, a photo before janny came back with his hotpockets
Date3 Nov 2021
/lgbt/, 4channel

Stalemate; both sides claim victory

  • Deletion of /qa/ by seething jannies
  • The consequences never being the same again
  • Mass immigration to /bant/ and later
  • popularity of tranny soyjaks explodes
  • soyposting (along with other /qa/ jokes) now becomes a site-wide phenomena
  • A guerilla war against jannies by soyposters begins
  • /qa/ becomes inmmortalized as a martyr who stood against the trannies of /lgbt/ and against the shitty moderation of the website.

SoyWojak.png /qa/

Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg /pol/

Supported by:

Flag of Russia.svg The Party

LGBTQ+ rainbow flag Quasar "Progress" variant.svg /lgbt/

Supported by:

Janny nas.png Jannies
Commanders and leaders

Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg Richard Spencer

Chudjak.png Stonetoss

SoyWojak.png Cobson †

SoyWojak.png Dean

SoyWojak.png Lee Goldson †

Flag of Russia.svg Soot

LGBTQ+ rainbow flag Quasar "Progress" variant.svg Alice Suzumiya †

Janny nas.png uwu

Janny nas.png I_AM_ABIB
  • 2 initial spammers
  • 5 chuds on discord
  • 19 soyjakkers
  • 61 threads
  • 1 Russian
  • 3 iPhones
  • 30 trannies
Casualties and losses

SoyWojak.png 19 3-day banned

SoyWojak.png 73 rangebanned

SoyWojak.png 1 trooned out

SoyWojak.png 142 threads wiped
LGBTQ+ rainbow flag Quasar "Progress" variant.svg1 troon[1]

The Great Soyset (also known as Operation Clean Stable and The November 3rd Massacre) refers to a previous event that started on 4chan's /qa/ board on 2021-11-03. The board was wiped clean of off-topic threads, leaving 12 threads not counting the board sticky. The following day, 10 additional threads got deleted, leaving only the /hap/ and /nah/ generals remaining. Today only the /hap/ remains, and the board is locked (the opposite of keyed). Trying reply or make thread on /qa/ gives the error message: "Performing site maintenance. Try again in a little while".

In the early stages, it was suggested that the The Great Soyset was carried out in response to a recent raid perpetrated against the /lgbt/ board.[2] It is now known that it runs (((much deeper))) than we could've ever imagined.

Roughly an hour after the event started, an IRC screenshot surfaced which showed 4chan moderator ALTERNATIVE commenting on it.[3]

Soyset IRC.png

The prophecy[edit | edit source]

Months before the Soyset the schizos of /qa/ began prophesying a cataclysmic event known as Operation Clean Stable. Though ridiculed by most they were vindicated when /qa/ was wiped.

The aftermath[edit | edit source]

After tranny jannies closed the board for "maintenance", many soyteens moved out to other locations. These include but are not limited to, /b/, /bant/, #4chan IRC and several discord circlejerk servers.

Soot's alleged involvement[edit | edit source]

One anonymous user on /soy/ suggested that Soot was actually behind Operation Clean stable[4], though mentioning this will cause Soot loyalists to immediately flood the thread with accusations of "anti-sootist thought", "thoughtcrime", and accusations of being a Kuz shill or Kuz himself.[5]

The alleged motive for Soot's creation of Operation Clean stable is to drive users off /qa/ and into the 'party, where he can datamine them further, and potentially sell the farmed data to the Russian Government in exchange for secret documents on thrembo and poop2. This structure is known as "Operation Lukhanofka", and is essentially a Poop2 trafficking ring which soot utilizes to fuel "Project 19", another plan created by soot for more datamining.[6]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

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