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The eponymous "Soy-Files".
L. J. Kikeberg's personal filing cabinet, hiding the Soy-Files away in a locked, dusty basement archive.

The Soy-Files are a series of nearly 800 untagged soyjaks that are currently unapproved, and invisible, on the 'ru, remnants of the previous failure OnionsBooru and its successor, the failure SuBooru. Despite the fact that they wouldn't take very long to tag, which is the reason often given by Lohl Kikeberg (pseudonym: "Lolkike") for not approving them yet, they remain inaccessible to soyciety at large.

An alleged photograph of a soylien spacecraft, abducting a peculiar crystalline lifeform for further study.

What secrets could the Soy-Files possibly be hiding? Why are they unavailable to the public?

One common hypothesis among oft-maligned soyspiracy theorists that the Soy-Files contain troonjaks that Lolkike would find too triggering to display on the booru. A less common one is this: that they contain evidence of off-world soylien life.