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The gem that saved the party

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Summary[edit | edit source]

The gem that saved the party, also known as TGTSTP, the Final Gem and the Gem to end all coal, is the theorized ultimate event in soyical folklore in which the brightest, shiniest gem of all time will descend upon the sharty and unite all of the soyposters in harmony, thereby "saving" the party. It's a point of contention how this gem will come about, some have stated it shall simply appear one day, this is one of the more fringe theories however, it is most common belief among theorists that this Glistening Gemerald will most likely be created by a soyteen, with divine intervention and inspiration, and will be released by said soyteen onto the sharty, to universal praise. snoopes debunked this though[1]

Preterist View[edit | edit source]

Some fringe groups of the soy community believe in a form of preterist philosophy which suggests that the sharty-saving gem has already been created, though what that gem is they argue over. Some suggest Cobson is a sharty saving gem, however, he is a very controversial jak, so many also rule him out.

Cynical Preterism[edit | edit source]

Some also say that Cobson WAS the gem that saved the sharty, but the antichrist descended upon earth to spread hatred of the one true gem, thus, ruining the prophecy forever.

Misconceptions[edit | edit source]

Often, many will refer to a jak as 'The gem that saved the party". This is of course, incorrect, as the true savior gem shall unite all in agreement.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Many claim science has already deboonked this claim, stating that there is no God or meaning in life. However this appears false, as there is nothing yet to disprove the 'The gem that saved the party' theory.

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