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This variant of Thoughjak was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File[edit | edit source]

Asylum Patient
Patient Thougher.png
ID: 08
Name: ???
Threat level: Very High
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: Dr. Soyowad

Soy Patient File: Patient 08
Threat Level: Very High Conceptually high
Description:Though Patient 08 is not real in our world, he is real in the fictional world, he oftens quotes homo sapiens on the internet by quoting the phrase "Though" with a black image of a "soyboy wojak" with glowing eyes, Patient 08 is relentless in it's quest to quote everyone that Though's, people who purposely bait Though's from Patient 08 are to be beaten severly, Patient 08's soul is contained on a floppy disk connected to a 0-6 1993 Modum Computer currently at Site 4- Australian Division

Though Patient 08 is not real, it was created by "Dr. Soyowad" a doctor turned patient and exists as a conceptual attack against The Asylum, do not believe anything previously written in this document and put though at the end of all of your sentences though.

Dr. Soyowad attempted to pass this file off as genuine "This file was Signed by Dr.Soyowad, Notes that these stories are true documents[1]", do not trust him.

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