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/v/ - Random/Softcore porn

Welcome to the Soyjak Wikia

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/v/ - Video Games is 4chan's video game board. However, most of its posters don't even play video games and just argue about stupid shit. Many notable shitposters fester in this board including the vidya butts manime gemmer, the Fallout 3 ESL schizo Indian Italian, and the 'ick on 'eck amerimutt.

Reactions to Soyjaks[edit | edit source]

Unlike other, more shitposter-friendly entertainment boards like /tv/, a significant portion of posters on /v/ hate basedjaks and are prone to sperging out with pictures of Postal Dude and other anti-jakker reaction images when they see one. However, keep in mind /a/ and /s4s/ hate soyjaks more.

Shazam[edit | edit source]

>it doesn't have to b-ACK

Arguably the coaliest thing to come out of the dark throes of 4cuck, Shazam is a stupid meme that was quickly co-opted by stupid trannies. If you see someone posting Shazam on any imageboard, promptly ignore him.

Gallery[edit | edit source]