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Yuri Kuznetsov (disputed)
Born June 30th, 1988, Bologoye, Omsk, USSR
Occupation Owner of KolymaNET
Spouse(s) Masha Kuznetsov (2006-2009?) Natalia Kuznetsov (2021 - )
Years active 2005 - 2017.

2020 -

Known for Ownership of the 'party and many other sites
Tripcode kuz!netsovkMgo
IAS? Varies. See: Yurijak variant

Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov (30 June 1988), known simply as kuz[1], or k♡♡z by his fans, is a 34 year old Russian business magnate and the current owner of soyjak.party[2][3]. Kuz is the CEO of the Kolyma Network[4], a company which is known for its shady under the table activity. It provides services such as webhosting, server rental, and VPNs[5]. He also administrated Heyuri[6], and his company hosts many imageboards with grotesque or immoral content, such as Gurochan[7]. His eccentric attitude, bizarre ideas, and websites lead him to success and initial controversy.

Kuz is regarded as one of the most significant figures in /qa/ and soyjak.party history, even before his purchase of the site in 2022.[8] Kuz is famous outside of the 'party as well for his long list of popular (and unpopular) websites. Kuz has many detractors who hold him responsible for several major issues facing the site,[9] and a large base of followers. On July 16th, kuz announced to the world that he was the new owner of the 'party[10] Soon after, KNN posted this news, and soot made a sticky for a goodbye Q&A, confirming it.[11]

Kuz's career on the internet began in 2005, with the release of the extremely popular "9channel", a Russian textboard forum which he claims was the first of its kind in Russia. Since then, kuz has made, renewed, or bought dozens of other websites.

The dailyjak describes him as "Irrational, contradictory, complex, unpredictable".[12]

Background[edit | edit source]

Kuz was born in 1988 in Omsk, Russia. To a poor family, on the outskirts of a village, several miles from the Kazakh border.[13][14] Kuz is married,[15] He lives in Memphis, Tennessee after allegedly fleeing the Russian Federation for tax evasion.[16][17]

In 2005, kuz started a Russian textboard website called 9channel[18], which was notably the first Russian textboard.[19] The site grew but never became particularly active, although kuz likes to pretend it was "the biggest anonymous website in Russia", though this is very easibly disproven. The website was widely known to be only a hotbed for the sharing of illegal material, pirated movies, and "crime announcements", or posts announcing or displaying small crimes (like vandalism) anonymously. The latter became such a problem that it is specifically written into the Kolyma Networks rules that "crime announcements" are banned, although this did little to curb the problem. The website was shut down in 2017 along with most of kuz's websites.[20][21][22]

Proof of the existance of 9channel is scarce as users of the website were generally rather secretive. There are no public archives, as kuz refuses to release any, the site also is not on archive.org or archive.is because it is was tor-only.[23] There is however a "Devyach" (9ch in Russian) twitter account which contains a tor link and was created in 2009.[24] This is very likely the real 9channel as it cites its location as Omsk, Russia, and contains a common 9ch slogan in the description.[25]

Kuz in army uniform.

In 2008, kuz contracted HIV from a prostitute on a "business" trip to poland.[26] Critics suggest he actually contracted it from being brutally raped in the Russian military, which is a common occurrence.[27] However kuz never actually served in the military, citing poor eyesight.[13] Pictures leaked in 2022 prove kuz actually did serve in the Russian military, giving credance to the rape theory.

Political opinions[edit | edit source]

Kuz's political opinions seem to change to fit whatever is currently best for him at the moment, although he did once condemn conflict in ukraine, writing a lengthy blogpost on why it was bad from a moral standpoint.

"The estimated toll of all the deaths caused by the Conflict in Ukraine is 33,000. Both civilians and soldiers. When the media reports on these numbers, they will simply leave it at that, but the actual price of that number is immeasurably greater." " [... ]This is why I will never support conflict in Ukraine or elsewhere."[28]

During his rare live appearances, he has revealed little about his personal political beliefs, preffering to "keep it to himself". Although he says he is not racist, or a nationalist.

Source of wealth[edit | edit source]

Kuz's net worth is about 108M rubles, or roughly 1.4 Million dollars. He regularly drops large amounts of money on websites he likes in attempts to buy them. Offering "2k for the sharty" at one point. He also bought a website called Vidlii, for an undisclosed number, allgedly about 5,000. In 2021 he bought Gurochan, and has offered thousands for other imageboard websites[29] His company, KolymaNET, is also the largest internet provider in Omsk, and kuz owns several datacenters in Russia and Turkey.[30]

Some speculate most of his money was gained through an illicit exit scam,[31] but the source of his money is unknown. He has said on a few occasions that it was from "smart investments" and "good luck"

Relationship with Soyjak Party[edit | edit source]

The Yurijak variant is a quickly growing soyjak variant originally depicting Kuz, but it has began to be used to depict Russians in general.

Kuz is best known for for being the owner of the site and its most famous user, and during his early days, being at the center of controversy on the site.[32]

Contributions[edit | edit source]

Kuz was the originator of multiple trends on the Party. Critics allege that these contributions are part of a coordinated effort to mentally manipulate and demoralise the party's userbase in preparation of a possible takeover; however, as of the time of writing, historic analysis on the authenticity of these trends has yet to be carried out.

Kuz lone-raiding #4chan in october of 2020, using "soyspeak".

Early soyjak-related activity[edit | edit source]

Kuz's first publicly recorded soyduel was in September of 2020.[33] Back then, he had a habit of using what he named "soyspeak" as a way of antagonizing 4chan users.

A more "soy" version of the classic yurijak

Even tho BBC[edit | edit source]

Kuz seems to have kickstarted this meme in early November 2021. Though he has noted that he was not the first to make such a thread, he did popularize it by flooding the entire catalog with >even tho bbc spam and BBC gibberish in December of 2021.[34]

Alternative rating standards[edit | edit source]

Kuz invented iron and rustjaks[35], and originally proposed "iron" and "rust" as a replacement to gem and coal. This later kickstarted other rating systems, based off kuz's original proposal. Such as tseries/pewds, mustard/ketchup, and the elemental rating system.

Soy_JS TextJaks[edit | edit source]

Kuz invented Soy_JS textjaks, a type of ASCIIjak which uses japanese character encoding for better results.[36]

Attempted purchase[edit | edit source]

On January 25, Kuz leaked emails between him and soot wherein soot offered to sell the 'party to kuz.[37] However, this thread turned out to be a troll. Soot did actually try to sell the site to kuz[37], but after things cleared up in his personal life and he changed his mind, with kuz apparently making this thread just for some (You)'s after he knew the deal fell through.

The deal was for 600$ in bitcoin in return for ownership of soyjak.party and a backup of the site on the day of the transfer, effectively giving kuz complete control over the site.

Kuz later made another thread criticizing soot for being rude to him, soot apologized but said that Kuz's response to the failed deal was "immature"[38].

Amongst the leaked emails were multiple emails to soot which soot answered that contained requests for IP's of posters on the 'party, as well as requests for thread deletions for 'legal issues'. Whether soot accepted these requests is unknown.

Luckily, soot realized the error of his ways, and never again made such a foolish mistake.

Purchase[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Great Purchase

On July 16th, kuz announced that he had contacted soot and offered to buy the 'party for $2,000, which soot accepted, and on July 17th, granted kuz ownership of the site and the booru in exchange for the money. The reactions to this news are mostly positive but there has also been prominent criticism from vocal anti-kuz groups within the site. Kuz has done little in line of censoring this discussion, to the surprise of some 'teens

Under kuz's ownership the 'party has seen a variety of changes. Kuz stickied a Jakbox thread after a moratorium on such threads had existed under soot, reviving the genre into its likely all time peak. In addition to this, multiple Q&A threads were posted over the next few days where kuz discussed the sites needs. He ultimately decided on several new rules, such as banning BBC cobson spam, several board deletions, and new moderation staff, whom he says will be watched closely.

Kuz lightened policies on some types of nas

Changes during his Administration[edit | edit source]

Since kuz's takeover, a variety of changes have been made to the site, some have been undone and others have stayed. Among these changes are

  • Removing and re-adding several boards, ultimately settling on removing /tv/, /giga/, and /r9k/
  • Adding 1 new board, /incel/. Containment board. widely considered one of the worst boards on the website.
  • Making the bans page public, undoing all previous bans
  • Several cosmetic changes
  • A 4chan style blotter
  • Several reworks of the rules, which were very unpopular at first, but after several Q&A threads he settled on a more acceptable version
  • Attempting and failing to contain all namefag drama to the incel board, giving up after complaints of censorship
  • Hiring several controversial moderators
  • Deleting the stickies on almost every board
  • Briefly reducing /soy/ to 10 pages, wiping almost every thread made prior to that day. Insisted on keeping this but later relented and restored all 40 pages
  • Adding a hidden /test/ board - which contained strange, encoded messages and images. When soyteens discovered this he made the board require a password
  • Firing sobot (former moderator) whom he had hired in the beggining of his adminship

State of the Sharty livestream[edit | edit source]

Main article: SOTS Transcript

Kuz spoke with an unusual accent and soft tone, some mix between the Southern US and Russian, likely a result of his illegal immigration to America in 2014.

On August 24th, at 8PM EST, a mod announced kuz had returned from his trip and would be making a live appearance, the first one since 2019 according to kuz.[39] The thread was met with excitement. At 8PM, kuz, as fortold, arrived on time. A sticky was made on soy which surpassed 1000 replies in about an hour.[40] Kuz answered questions for roughly the same amount of time. Though not much relating to the sharty itself was discussed, the stream provided some key insights into kuz and his plans for the site at the time. Notably, a plan to "step away" from the internet until Christmas. He also discussed a photoshoot at the bequest of some posters in the thread.

The stream, albeit abbreviated, received substantial attention despite being sudden and unplanned, with about 298 concurrent viewers at its peak.

Cyprus[edit | edit source]

On September 1st, 2022, kuz departed for Cyprus until december, giving the site to 3 anonymous moderators during his absence.

Selam from Lefkosia[edit | edit source]

On September 17th, kuz made his first appearance since leaving, making 3 posts in a failGET thread.[41]

Disillusionment[edit | edit source]

An offer to purchase Soyjak.party

On September 15th, a user from /suggest/ offered kuz $4,500 for the site. But later, upped his bid to $50,000 after users told him 4.5k was nothing to kuz.[42] While kuz never publicly responded to the offer, the Chud told the users he had correspondence with Kolyma employees, however, nothing ever came of it.[43]

However it seems the offer still made it to kuz's desk, as during a rare email response, kuz told one fan that he was "disappointed" in how the site viewed him and doesnt think its enjoyable to run it. The user posted this email to the boards and the thread quickly ballooned with speculation.

Kuz's response to a chuds email

In addition to this, kuz's final posts before his 5 month departure were angry complaints at how difficult it was to please soyteens. Kuz also seems to have adopted a cynical view of moderating the site, "no matter what I do, someone will complain", leading to moderation being somewhat incosistent and kuz's growing irritation with the userbase, leading to him handing it off to a Manager and refusing public comments.

As of the writing of this article, kuz has scantly been seen in public. Appearing during a brief Q&A on the turkish website "Kereste".[44] and most recently, greeting Chuds in a failget thread.[1]

Relationship with other websites[edit | edit source]

Despite widespread hatred on the 'party and other sites such as kissu, Kuz has a massive base of supporters in Russia[45], specifically on his own websites, such as Heyuri[46], 9channel[47], Vidlii[48], and the Kolyma Network.

Heyuri[edit | edit source]

Kuz's favorite website, according to himself[Citation Needed]. His supporters there number about a dozen, because the site is incredibly small.

Devyach (9channel)[edit | edit source]

The first website Kuz ever made, all the way back in 2005. User estimations range from 1,500 to 20,000, with Kuz claiming over 1,000,000 users. Regardless, it was significantly more active than Heyuri, likely equal in size to or larger then the 'party itself during its hayday in the early 2010s. However Kuz was forced to shut it down in 2017.

His popularity there is massive, with several "9channel" discord servers popping up during and after the 2017 collapse, which Kuz sometimes visited or even owned, where he would nearly always be met with praise.

In January of 2013, 9channel users attempted to rig a public vote for the name of a new Coal Power Plant (how apt), proposing it be named the "Y. M. Kuznetsov Power Production Plant", however the vote was cancelled. This later became a meme on 9channel.[49]

Vidlii[edit | edit source]

In february of 2022, Kuz bought Vidlii.com, a German video sharing website. The site was in complete disrepair and was about to be shut down when Kuz bought it, removed the ads, increased video quality, and opened up user registration. He was met with praise[48] and some minor controversy.[50]

Kissu[edit | edit source]

Kissu is an american /qa/-based imageboard, of which Kuz was formerly a part of. Kissu and Kolyma had a brief war where cp spam was exchanged before both sides banned mention of eachother.

The war was very unpopular in Kolyma since many Heyuri users enjoyed kissu's content, but kuz reiterated his "pro war" stance and the sites name was banned and its Owner (Kai Nicoll Griffith) added to a list of "Enemies of Kolyma" in September of 2021.[51]

Kuz leaking the IP of a user who criticized him.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Anti-Kuz poster accidentally blames kuz for the CP on the same IP he spammed it with

Kuz has been subject to multiple controversies throughout his career.

Child Pornography and Pedophilia Allegations[edit | edit source]

In the past, kuz was commonly believed to be the perpetrator of the CP spam[52] that has plagued the 'party since its inception.

In February of 2022 another wave of CP and kuz drama hit /soy/ as multiple subtly edited bait and switch videos appeared on the 'log, using a number of famous soyjak videos with CP spliced in to wage psychological war on 'party users. CP spam often happened shortly after kuz made a public appearance, which lead many to believe it was him who was responsible.

A person alleging to be kuz was seen in a Discord screenshot, wherein a user known as "Pollyanna" was repeatedly accused of being part of an "all-swedish pedophile discord cult" where users worshipped a 16 year old girl known as "Hexagonalpeach". Pollyanna never denied her involvement with the group, instead claiming that the group was harmless and it was kuz who was antagonizing them. After a long argument where "kuz" posted several pictures showing "hex cultists" trying to entrap and frame him, the thread was deleted and the argument stopped.

This theory has lost steam since kuz purchased the 'party but the CP spam continued, including the infamous Rapeson incident, as well as several new suspects arising, many with much more weight to the claims, such as goth.

Datamining[edit | edit source]

Kuz, or at least his company, is public about his datamining initiatives. His company's protection service, the NSS, openly admits on their site that their goal is to:

The NSS is tasked with a variety of tasks, such as monitoring dangerous users, cooperating with the surveillance office to collect and catalog information on certain users, remove internal and external threats, and ensure the social integrity of the whole of the Kolyma Network.

The Network Security Service has been involved in a number of scandals and blackmailings, as well as false flag operation, psyops, and even assasinations (seriously).[53]

Controlled Opposition[edit | edit source]

Some users of the 'party believe kuz deliberately hires people to hate him, then makes them act as stupid as possible to give the illusion that his enemies are retarded.

Rychuvak Scandal[edit | edit source]

Kuz was involved in the creation of a bitcoin trading platform which mysteriously disappeared in 2018, causing about 250,000$ in bitcoin to be "lost". According to kuz, his partner "Vass Boldizar" took the servers with him, left and was never seen again.[54]

Manipulating the dailyjak[edit | edit source]

The dailyjak is a soyjak posting telegram channel which regularly provides news posts and updates on the latest trends in jakking. It also provides news and updates on the 'party, and if they are careful to not portray him negatively, leading some to believe he manipulates the owner.

Tax evasion[edit | edit source]

Kuz fled Russia in 2014 for tax evasion.[55]

Anti-Vaccine disinfo[edit | edit source]

Kuz regularly retweets anti-vaccine disinfo on his twitter account.[56]

Cybercrime[edit | edit source]

On January 26, chuds called out for Kuz's websites to be DDOS'd. Minutes later, the 'party started issuing "DDoS attack warnings" and forcing users to click verify (doxx themselves to the NSS) before they could post.

Kuz once hacked the imageboard of one of his rivals and made it redirect to an expose.[57]

Sony Pictures hack[edit | edit source]

On November 26, 2021, Kuz allegedly retweeted[58] a conspiracy theory alleging that the 2014 Sony Pictures hack was a false flag operation by the United States government to damage the international reputation of North Korea.

Assassination of soot[edit | edit source]

"Guess I got what I deserve"

Some Anonymous truthlers have theorized that Kuz could've possibly been behind Soot's disappearance, as he would directly benefit from his death. We now know that Soot was close friends with Kuz to the point of including this friend in his will, leaving Kuz as the sole heir to the sharty. Maybe Kuz took advantage of this, even if he didn't, it's still suspicious how all posts mentioning this have been deleted in less than 5 seconds and the poor posters permabanned and reported to their local authorities for possession of child pornography (which was planted on their computers using a virus that is installed on your computer the first time you open the nu-sharty)

Allegations of war crimes[edit | edit source]

On July 28th, 2022, Yuri Kuznetsov was implicated in a war crimes controversy after footage[59] was uploaded to the internet depicting multiple Russian soldiers tying up and forcibly castrating an enemy, a violation of Articles 6 & 7 ("Crimes against humanity", "War crimes") of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.[60] Ukranian intelligence alleges that the one who filmed the video was Yuri Kuznetsov (Private first class, combat group JAK), who had been deployed to Ukraine in May 2022;[61][62] however, these charges are denied by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Eduardo Incident[edit | edit source]

Shortly after kuzs acquisition of the sharty, dataminers used reverse search technology to find Kuz's private social media. Leading him to private and unprivate them several times over the next few days, as well as heavily censor discussion of them. Interestingly, these accounts were made under the name "Eduardo", leading some to believe that kuz's real name is actually eduardo or that kuz is simply hiding is true identity and "Eduardo" is a stunt double.

Disappearances[edit | edit source]

In early 2022, once it became clear that Soot would not sell him the 'party, Kuz entered into a deep depressive state and noticeably changed. On February 5th, 2022, Kuz made his final post announcing that he was leaving the scene forever.[63] This was ultimately just a troll post and he just took a "Hiatus" to think on a new plan to buy the Sharty.

A thread made on August 30th, 2022 - "a quilt for kuz", garnered almost 400 replies in an hour.

Kuz has taken several "Extended vacations" from the 'party and the internet since his purchase.

In popular culture[edit | edit source]

Kuz is relatively famous within Russia and to a lesser degree, in the west. He has appeared on TV and Radio several times, mostly for interviews. According to the official kuz website, he was briefly a Radio announcer. Bibanon and the old 9ch wiki also report that kuz appeared on TV several times.

Media[edit | edit source]

Kuz has appeared in several video games, flashes, and interactive programs. [64][65] Many of which are unrelated to the 'party[66][67]

While the yurijak is the most common depiction of kuz on the 'party, other sites use other depictions. Pictured: kuz as a tranime character

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