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Numerous threads have been made on which, for varying reasons, have attracted exceptional attention from's users.

denotes threads that no longer exist on due to catastrophic events such as waves of Coal, conflicts between groups of posters, or cyberattacks, or reaching page 40.

Image and description Name/known as Board posted on Link
In the OP of this thread, a chud asked for a transparent image of the isolated glow/lens-flare effect used to make Thoughjaks. He never received his request. As of June 19 2021 after 2 successor threads and saying he'll make soyjak OC as payment, OP has finally received his request, albeit not in the highest quality. As a result the OP made two soyjak OC, that being a Pharaoh with blonde hair and blue eyes, and an ATF soyjak.
  • Thoughjak eye glow
/soy/ [archived version]
Refers to multiple threads demanding that Soot make a /cunny/ board for pedophilic weeaboos, despite the existence of /a/. These demands have been met with varying support and opposition. Threads of this type invariably use an image of a classic soyjak smiling at a computer screen with "MAKE /CUNNY/ NOW" in all caps and red text with multiple exclamation marks. The original was lost to a wave of coal but more have since been created.
  • Requests for /cunny/
Various Multiple
A thread used by an artist identifying himself as "Sean" to post 'jaks made of his own feces. See: Shitjak.
  • Shitjaks
/soy/ [archived version]
An innovative thread (later two threads) started by a creative chud who invited users to give instructions to its main character, Impjak, on which a critically acclaimed story was and is being developed. This was's first ever adventure thread, starting a trend of excellent interactive storytelling threads from's community. A "Part 2" thread was made at the conclusion of a major story arc, continuing the story where Part 1 ended. Main article: Impjak Adventure.
  • Impjak Adventure
/soy/ [archived version] + [archived version]
One of's longest-running and most complex raid projects, Operation Wikisneedia plans and coordinates the posting of 'jaks on Wikimedia Commons and the subtle Sneedification of Wikipedia. Main article: Operation Wikisneedia.
  • Operation Wikisneedia
/raid/ [archived version]


  • ITT we find out the bump limit of party
/soy/ [todo †] [todo [archived version]]


  • Pixelcanvas thread
/soy/ [todo †] [todo [archived version]]
On March 2, 2022, Jonathan from the Oreo Review Show (yes, THE nojak) made an AMA thread on /soy/. Initially, he refused to post proof that it is him, later citing that a "message board built around the foundation of anonymity loses its shit that someone won't post concrete proof of their identity" After extensive questioning by soiteens, Nojak posted proof that it was him by screenshotting his channel dashboard. He was not using a trip, so its almost impossible to tell if any of the nojaks are the real deal thoughever. The thread eventually devolved into a brutal soyduel.
  • Nojak AMA
/soy/ [todo †] [todo [archived version]]
Nucob's ongoing journey to page 40, he didn't reach there yet thanks to necrobump spam. also the 600,000 GET is in this thread.
  • Go up
/soy/ [1] [archived version]

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