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Cobson finger.png Tip: Good amount of these people are attention whores that put themselves on this page because they want infamy or notoriety.

  • Nate - Okay, HE DID rape azuf, but with a METALLIC BLUNT OBJECT and it's completely different from sticking a dick into someone's anus, so he's NOT gay.
  • Azuf - Cucked, dyslexic, autistic faggot and a redtexting attention whore forcing shit tie.
  • Chudmeister - Ran the soyjak.party cytube where he played movies for all the young soylads, disappeared one day and has never returned.
  • Femmykitty - An enigmatic tranny from either Spain or some third world European country, likely responsible for the Disappearance of the Florianopolis Brazilian.
  • Florianopolis Brazilian - An autist who made it his job to check all the dubs, clicked a datamining link posted by Femmykitty and disappeared, has returned but doesn't check dubs anymore, is making a soyjak-themed RPG Maker game.
  • TheBigChud - A gallant 'jakker and key part of the cy.tube, had multiple autistic breakdowns and was chosen by Chudmeister to BTFO the chufs.
  • Sojacker - Responsible for running the second sojacraft server, was called Soot without proof and brutally harassed every time the server went down.
  • The Moroccan - Moroccan tranny faggot who lives in Tangier. Known for not having a life just like the rest of trannies. He likes tranime and he is killing himself 13 years from now. Uses a VPN and is known for pretending to be black.
  • Vinluv - Vinluv Anton Handesbukia, formerly former KnowYourMeme user who was somehow personally unbanned by KYM's founder. Posts on the party as "Kool Yung Sid" with the tripcode "!!Yt9bpGaLNw". Is also a furry with a fat fetish (ALLEGED).
  • Nipcat - Turkish nigger attention whore.
  • chud (lowercase) - /pol/tard attention whore who accuses every other poster of being a glownigger. Also known as) (you).
  • Kuz - Russian owner of Soyjak.party and KolymaNET. Bought the 'party from soot. Is the subject of many conspiracy theories.
  • lolkekkeklmaolmaolmaoxdhaha - Controversial former soyjak.party and booru moderator, tranny, jew, coaler and former Admin of the defunct OnionsBooru. Steals credit from OC makers, and abuses the janny time machine.
  • Chad Deo Vindice - Also known as the spanish twink by some fags, is a former namefag and right wing poster on /pol/ and /int/ who would make long winded political posts. Posted his naked chest to prove he was white once.
  • certified gemmer - /pol/tard attentionwhore coaler who requested that he be added to this list. Claims to "know much more than all you ape screeching niggers".
  • Chad

all of them are me (you) btw [citation needed][edit | edit source]