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Tuxler is a "community powered" VPN that allows you to ban evade on 4chan using residential proxies. The catch is that your IP address also joins the botnet, thus allowing others to evade using your IP as you done to them.

You get 10 IP changes per day, which resets at about 6:15 pm GMT. To bypass this restriction, simply uninstall and reinstall the Tuxler extension, no need to uninstall the helper application. Also, please be nice to your residential proxies. At the end of your proxy is another janny dabber or clueless favela dweller, just like you. In theory, you could get a small country rangebanned by abusing Tuxler enough. You will NOT test this theory out.

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Soyjak Wiki is a community-driven knowledge base featuring independently fact-checked and peer-reviewed information about soyjaks, imageboard culture, and many other topics.

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Current Events

  • Kuz publicizes an attempt to acquire 4chan.
  • The controversial Five Board Plan gets enacted, then reverted partially.
  • Kuz promises to add an Ongezellig banner if teens can bump this thread for 1 year.
  • ShreddedNerd, a YouTuber with 36k subscribers, makes a video about the 'party. Receptions are mixed; some teens are attempting to doxx him.
  • A rogue 4chan janny has leaked the entire /j/ board and its Discord on, including proof of a userscript made for jannies.
  • Jackbox Raiding is back and more popular than ever after Kuz pins a jackbox thread that later reached 810 replies.

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