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The following is a transcript of kuz's State of the Sharty livestream on August 24th, 2022. Boldened text denotes a question posed, regular text denotes kuz's spoken words.

Confused soyjak with question marks around his head.png To be researched: Link the thread where the questions where being asked. Can (You) help us?

Whats the point of this stream again?

Okay. Well what's the point of this stream? Uh, it's because I, you know, I get a little tired when I'm typing out all the time and it's easier on my fingers if i just speak instead.

Thoughts on gemson?

Uh Gemson, you know, I think Gemson's really just he's he's such a controversial subject, well honey I like to keep those things to myself you know, Gemson he's not the kind of thing someone like me should be talking about.

Gemson, really, he's a classic. He's got to be, he's a, you know words can't describe him really but I got to say that if I was gonna put him on a scale i'd give him a strong ten. And I do like Belarus yeah.

Why was suggest wiped and deleted, when it could of just been deleted? Answer please kuzzz

/suggest/, the /suggest/ thing, it was, you know, i was just uh a little strung out that night and it all came so fast. /suggest/, really, I don't believe in meta boards in general. I think that we could just put it all in one. One little place. We don't need, I don't feel like we need that, a whole meta board. It just adds a bunch of trash, but, you know I've relented and I made a promise to everybody I said if you keep it in /suggest/, I won't cause any problems, so if we keep it in /suggest/, keep all the meta in /suggest/, I won't delete it. I shouldn't have renamed it. That was a bit embarrassing, but you know, we've moved on from that, haven't we?

Which do you prefer, Based, Keyed, Egged, Gem, ID, or Alkaline?

Do I prefer, based, keyed, egged, gem, ID? Keyed. I'm a big proponent of locked and keyed. It's always, uh, had a nice ring to me. Keyed. Someone once called me Keyed Kuz. That was lovely.


Yes I think we should advertise the 'party. I think it's uh, viral marketing.


Ban Rapeson? No. Rapeson, I think he adds edge. You know what, that's what, that's what this site needs sometimes: Edge. If we water things down too much, it's not gonna be, it's not gonna have that suspense when you open the page, you never know what you can see. I can be wholesome, it could be disgusting. And Rapeson is part of that balance that we need.

Kuz do you like bejita or goku more

I don't know nothing about Bejita or Goku. I haven't watched anime in a long time, and I've never watched that stuff. It's beyond me.

Kuz, do you want the USSR back?

USSR? Well, same thing. That's something that I would keep to myself. USSR, there's good parts about it and there's bad parts. I think that, um, overall, I did appreciate parts of it. Yeah. USSR? Well, 50/50 maybe. I don't like, I'm not a communist, far from it, but everybody has a certain astrology for it.

kuz whats your goal for running all of these imageboards? do you seek fame?

What's your goal for running all these imageboards? Well just for fun really. I don't think you can get much fame out of it, nothing more than I've already got. I don't actually run that many. I host some, but this one is the only one I run actively. Even then I don't really do much with it. I don't fiddle with it that much. It's kind of just uh, you know I've always said it kinda feels like something I'd just, it's like owning rare art. You put it up on the wall and you look at it every once in a while, but you don't come back to it. You know I do come here quite a bit nowadays, but, it's not something that's really an active part of my life anymore.

Kuz are you nervous, why are you stuttering?

Why am I nervous? Well, I haven't made a lot of appearances in like, what, probably, I don't know, many years.

Oh am I too quiet? Hang on am I too quiet? How do I turn this thing up? Is this better?

What about Iron and rust?

Iron and rust? That's my stuff. I made that, I patented that stuff, and that stuff is tame compared to the stuff you see today, but you know I don't really, I don't really, I don't use Iron and Rust. I don't think I ever used them more than twice.

Kooz, PLEASE split /muv/ into /mu/ and /v/

Split /muv/, M U V, how do you guys say it? I've considered it a few times. I don't, I think it'd look better if we, uh, if we had /mu/ and /v/. /muv/, how do you guys say it "movie." That's kind of dumb.

That reminds me of the Minecraft server. You know that was, that was a mess. I have to fix that sometime or another. You know my problem was that I think someone joined in and loaded, like a million chunks and bricked my server. You know that was expensive to fix. Cost me 300 dollars and I haven't fixed it since. Remember that emergency I was on? 300 dollars to repair that shit.. man that was expensive

kuz why do you never call it the sharty

The sharty... I do call it that.. well.. yeah I do call it that. I called it that in my OP post, I dunno what your talking about

kuz what do you think of these god tier wojacks? (several yurijaks)

I think they are all trash is what I think. No offense though, i guess someone put effort into these. I guess the mymy jak is so bad its good actually

Why was 'p up for 6 hours?

Well let me tell you guys the truth.. we only have.. well at the time that was a problem.. we only had uh.. 1 mod and uh.. 3 janitors, and 1- 2 of them was inactive. and they was all in the same timezone, so we only had about 60% of the day covered.. i got alot of good applications.. thank you everyone that applied.. but basically 2 of the mods quit.. 1 was assasinated I think... and uh.. and that caused uh.. a substantial amount of problems with everything.. but im hopening that things start to return back to normal soon.. you- oh.. I forgot to turn the youtube chat on.. I hope you guys wasnt asking questions there cuz im only reading this thread.. I think that chats broken anyways.. yeah dont ask questions there.. i wont read all of that.. put it in the thread

How should we increase the userbase kuz?

Is that necessary.. isnt things already settled down? I mean, i think the site could grow and that would be good and stuff but uh.. things uh.. well the sites already pretty large isnt it? Well.. I do think we could reach a point where growth could start to be a negative.. you know.. some people expressed some worried about twitter people comin and trashin the place up but I dont think uh thats much of a problem and uh.. but uh.. I think.. I think what we've lost really is.. well.. we didnt lose much but if there was any place I think we should find people its /qa/.. or kwah.. i dont know how you guys say it.. i dont know how you say it, dont make fun of me, i always just say Q-A. I dont bother with those fancy pronunciations and such.. but I say thats where we should uh.. begin. You know /qa/ i guess most of them already migrated here but I think uh.. if we got all those characters back and put them on our /qa/ board.. might be good for the site but thats just my opinion. But you know.. im uh.. im.. im not doing anything on my own.. but i dont do stuff like that with the site. All my job is to keep the site free of things we dont want to see.. i dont actually involve myself in growing it or anything

What do you think about J?

laughs well I uh.. I dont have anything to say about J.. but well... well If i had to say one thing about J *laughs* is that.. he's lovely. Well I love talking to him, hes really a funny guy. I wont say anything about him, i wont interrupt his work. and yes his tripcode did get cracked recently.. but I wont say anything more about J.. he'll do what he needs to in his own time

In response to cheering and compliments

Thank you.. chuckles thank you very much..

IS POOP2 REAL? Poop2? Nah. I know that, I heard Soot was involved with something like that, but really, that could really be another fringe debunked alt-right conspiracy theory for all we know.

is ongezellig coal or gemmy?

'Zellig. Oh, 'Zellig's a gem. There's no argument about it, I know 'Zellig is a gem. I think we gotta make our own 'Zellig board. If you ask me, I'd make our own 'Zellig board. I don't ever, I don't get the hate. You know, 'Zellig is well made, and, is funny, and, there's some excellent 'Zellig 'jaks out there. I say we, we accept it. I say sharty culture, but you know I'm not the arbiter of that.

kuz is 'cado IAS

Uh 'Cado? 'Cado, he is, he is not a 'jak for sure, but he is sharty culture. Sharty Culture. He's not a jack, that's just a fact. He's not a 'jak, he doesn't fit any of the- he's not bald, he's not wearing glasses, he doesn't have stubble, and he doesn't open his mouth wide, so he's not a jak, but he gives a pass for sharty culture. And coin slotting newfags, that's just, newchuds, that's part of the experience here.


Why did you ban dot. I haven't banned anyone here. Oh, that? I haven't banned anyone, I'm not doing anything. I gave all the janitors all the work. You gotta be following the rules. I don't want to be scrolling down and see something I don't want to see.

Kuz, if there is a sharty meetup would you come?

If there was a sharty meetup? I don't know. I don't think I'd, I don't think that's safe. There's some people out there that don't like me.

Kuz what is your favorite variant?

Okay guys, remember guys, this is supposed to be somewhat meta, so you need to be complaining too a little bit, and I'll help you with that. I'll talk about it. My favorite variant, is a hard one. You know this is gonna be controversial, but I, is got to be the 'son. It's got to be the 'son, I mean, Nojak compares to his little fame and influence. When the 'son walks on the stage, everyone shuts up, and they look at him. So, it might be the 'son, it might be wholesomejak, I don't really know. But again, these are just my personal opinions, it's not facts or anything.


Twitter DMs? Okay-

Why did you ban spadesons

Ban spadesons. You know, banning spadesons was a hard thing to do. Because, you know, it was a hard thing to do. I thought it was just getting out of hand, and once I started seeing actual, you know, real life stuff being put up there, it didn't feel like, it was just kinda gross. You know, we have /b/ for a reason, you can put it there. You know, Spadesons, though, they're a tough case. I'm still mourning over that, really.

0:43:46 Have you ever drew a gem? Can you draw?

Embarrassing confession, but I've only ever drawn a couple 'jaks in my whole life, and most of them are pretty coal, I'm not a good artist really. You know clearly I have some abilities, in the entertainment field, but drawing isn't one of them, you know I'm pretty bad at 'jaks in general. I just, when I try it, it looks erm... too crispy, for a 'jak. Does that make sense? It looks too crispy. I don't know what the right settings are, but I use PAINT.NET, so, maybe it's my fault idk.