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Soyjak wiki claims no responsibility for any content posted on this site. Any and all content is the sole responsibility of the user.

Soyjak Wiki not provide a warranty for any services, pages, or usage on this website and is, therefore provided "as-is."

Wiki Content

Content on soyjak wiki is satirical in nature.

Due to the sometimes edgy nature of, pages on Soyjak Wiki may contain content that is vulgar or offensive, graphic, or may trigger PTSD for some. There also may be content that may trigger epileptic seizure.

This kind of content is displayed with no kind of warning.

Soyjak Wiki is not intended for children.

Medical / Legal Advice

No content on Soyjak Wiki shall be considered to be medical and/or legal advice. Please consult with a medical professional or lawyer (respectively) when necessary. and SoyBooru

As and SoyBooru are under different ownership, Soyjak Wiki claims zero responsibility for posts made on those sites.

Soyjak Wiki does not support nor endorse raiding or doxxing (when used to harass someone).