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Chudjak, sometimes also called Poljak, is a Wojak variant that was made to mock right-wing /pol/ users. His facial features include almond-shaped eyes, thick-framed glasses, and a distinct lack of chin. While these particular features are often attributed to adolescent mass-shooters and far-right extremists, 'jak fact-checkers have found evidence to suggest that an obsession with American politics, regardless of affiliation, can often cause an individual to develop this particular phenotype. As such, it is also commonly used as a template for trannyjaks, commiejaks, and other wojak edits meant to mock left-wingers. Because of Chudjak's polarizing nature and extreme versatility in being used against various political demographics, posting a Chudjak can often result in other posters retaliating with their own Chudjaks. This can lead to a thread devolving into warring factions quoting each other with Chudjak edits, a phenomenon remarkably similar to a conventional soy duel. Some /pol/ users have also chosen to self-identify as the Chudjak, making images such as Roman art parodies depicting chuds "looking like and saying that."

The word "Chud" stands for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller", which comes from the 1984 bone-chilling, character-development-driven, cheap-jumpscares-free, emotionally-draining, slow-burn science fiction horror movie C.H.U.D. and was popularized as a pejorative against right-wingers by the podcast Chapo Trap House.

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Current Events

  • A variant of the TND meme was recited by Tucker Carlson?
  • The 'party has a secret textboard?
  • The 'party now has a Know Your Meme page?
  • That posting the text "" anywhere on 4chan gets you an automatic 3-day ban?
  • That you can evade the ban above by typing "" because it gets filtered to ""?
  • That the world record for the longest soyduel in history clocked in at 6077 replies and lasted almost a month?
  • That jannys on /a/ have a policy of knowingly allowing stealthjak threads and will instead delete /a/ natives calling it out, so long as most of the thread doesn't notice?
  • That Nojak is canonically Jewish?
  • Kuz steps down as admin on, citing his HIV developing into AIDS and mental health reasons relating to the site.
  • Soycraft hosts a building competition event. The winner get a free vipcode.
  • Operation Soygate begins, which ends up going viral.
  • Soyteens successfully get 'party graffiti on Wikipedia...until a soyteen snitched to Wikipedia admins.
  • Jackbox Raiding returns again after winter break starts.
  • The 'party gets a fake FBI seizure notice. Some 'teens believe that Kuz was secretly replaced with an FBI agent of the same name.
  • Kuz publicizes an attempt to acquire 4chan.
  • The controversial Five Board Plan gets enacted, then reverted partially.
  • Kuz promises to add an Ongezellig banner if teens can bump this thread for 1 year.
  • ShreddedNerd, a YouTuber with 36k subscribers, makes a video about the 'party. Receptions are mixed; some teens are attempting to doxx him.

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