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Jews are an ethno-religious group of about 14-88 million people. They mostly reside within the middle east but also have a large diaspora community across the world.

Jewish culture is closely connected to the state of israel, which had been the ultimate choice for a jewish homeland after other locations have been considered, namely Uganda, Madagascar, and the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (stalinst gem btw).

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Jews have been relentlessly persecuted throughout the ages: in europe, many millennia-old christian traditions and tales regarding the jews and their conduct have paved the way for genocide and expulsion- meanwhile in the near east, it's similarly Quranic verses that justly demonize the jews that led to mass jewish exodus because of local hostility and attempted pogroms.

Incel chuds hate Jews because they are jealous of their success. [it just is, ok?]

Judaism in the Soy Community[edit | edit source]

Soyjak has been portrayed multiple times as a Jew in keeping with his ethnically diverse worldwide audience within the Soy Community.

List of canonically Jewish soyjaks[edit | edit source]

In relation to soot[edit | edit source]

Many chuds have speculated that soot has some amount of Jewish blood influencing his behavior; however, this dangerous conspiracy theory has been widely debunked and repeatedly attacked by credible scholars of the Jewish tradition and other renowned experts on the topic. Soot is NOT jewish.

Da Joos[edit | edit source]

Chudjak is often accompanied by the phrase "DA JOOS" (or "jooz", also the amount of Os varies). This can range from something that actual poltards say (DA JOOS WANT TO DESTROY DA WHITE RACE) to something ridiculous (DA JOOS GAVE ME DIARRHEA). The origin of the spelling "da joos" is unclear but it was probably popularized by a Turkish transgender prostitute from Berlin.

Israeli Soyjak[edit | edit source]

Israeli Soyjak / קורנליוס האיום


Israeli soyjak origin.jpg

Soyjak variant
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Traced Fromקורנליוס האיום

Israeli Soyjak is a front-facing 'jak based on the youtuber קורנליוס האיום.

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