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One of the biggest things in the Soyical Arts[1], Avant-Garde Soyjaks is about the application of old, moving-image GIF technologies to proven soyjaks, combing to create a new bleeding age artistic movement that expresses classic 'jak ideas through a new lens.

The trend of PoyoPoyo soyjaks died out quickly without sparking further innovation into that emerging field, but it is assumed that it began and ended like that because the PoyoPoyo technique is too stuck in the traditionalist way of thinking. The GIFs it made were nothing more than mere extensions of the baseline soyjak and easily recognisable as such; they were not truly soyjaks in their own right—rather, these GIFs simply took the already-existing soyjak and breathed some life into it.

Avant-Garde Soyjaks refers to truly revolutionary soyjaks who, despite being based on another baseline soyjak, have, through the application of a more esoteric GIF-making technique, undeniably and unequivocally taken on a life of their own as totally new baseline soyjaks.

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