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>Though Maybe you were looking for Cobson?
Rapeson, covered in blood after a kill. Circa 2001

Rapeson also known as Evilson is a convicted pedophile, rapist, and murdered personified in soyjak form who primarily stalked, raped, and killed little girls between 1998 and 2004. He is alleged to have killed over 100 girls in that time period.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Murder of Soylita[edit | edit source]


Arrest and capture[edit | edit source]

Rapeson was captured in 2005 after being found unconscious from a heroin overdose in a sewage system by 2 teengers on the outskirts of austin, texas

Execution[edit | edit source]

Rapeson was executed on the 19th of march 2007 via lethal injection, he survived the first and second injection but his heart finally stopped after the third

Austin Police Department detention report[edit | edit source]

First name: Evilson
Last name: Rapeson
Sex: Male
Age: 46
Race: White, non-hispanic
Place of birth: United States, Oklahoma
Height: 5'9
Weight: 236 lbs

  1. Section 28.02. Arson (14 items)
  2. Section 32.53. Continuous sexual abuse of young child or disabled individual (11 items)
  3. Section 21.11. Indecency with a child (113 items)
  4. Section 21.09. Bestiality (9 items)
  5. Section 22.021. Aggravated sexual assault (85 items)
  6. Section 19.03. Capital murder (5 items)
  7. Section 19.02. Murder (34 items)
  8. Section 20.04. Aggravated kidnapping (18 items)
  9. Section 22.05. Deadly conduct (45 items)
  10. Section 33.021. Online solicitation of a minor (247 items)
  11. Section 22.01. Assault (55 items)
  12. Section 42.08. Abuse of corpse (22 items)
  13. Section 25.08. Sale or purchase of child (7 items)

Other unconfirmed crimes[edit | edit source]

  • Worked on a suicide hotline and pressed people into killing themselves
  • Worked as a lieutenant in human trafficking
  • Sold terabytes of child pornography and gore on dark web
  • Tried to purchase a nuclear warhead in ex-USSR
  • Poisoned bottles in local supermarkets with radioactive waste (Confirmed)
  • Mixed bleach with ammonia near an office ventilation shaft
  • Tried to melt down Golden Gate bridge with an oxy torch (Confirmed)
  • Tried to start a war between China and India by launching improvised missiles at border guards
  • Dumped a bucket of caltrops on a highway during rush hour
  • Encrypted child gore porn into images and spread them all over social media
  • Injected hundreds of people in night clubs with AIDS
  • Manufactured and sold pipebombs
  • Sold stolen weapons to various mexican cartels

Other[edit | edit source]

"Cobbys Playpen" incident[edit | edit source]
"SomeOrdinaryGamers" did actually review the site, that is not a joke. liar give us the link

"Cobbys playpen" also known as "Cobsons Playpen" was a TOR onion website located on the dark web. It could be briefly accessed for a few hours on August 15th. Made by an unknown jakker, the website was made live in a thread which simply had an ominous cobson in it with a link to the site[1]. At first, it was simply a picture of rapeson with red glowing text above that said "cobsons playpen". But, the site creator updated the site so that when clicked, it led to an uncensored, uncut version of the "dancing swede.mp4" video, which, graphically shows a young toddler being brutally raped and killed. After a flood of distraught teens, the thread was deleted by the mods.

Relation to ominous soyjak[edit | edit source]

it's said if rapeson and Ominous Soyjak ever met something awful would happen[2]

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