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A common soyllucination (soy hallucination)

Schizophrenia is a fictitious mental illness characterized by abnormal behavior and misrepresentation of reality. Common symptoms include psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, and erratic thinking. The federal elves inside my microwave say schizophrenia is a common disorder in soy posters and those suffering under it will make it very clear that they are a schizo. "Schizoposting" usually results in the derailment of threads and unwarranted political discussion as schizos see connections in everything to vast conspiracies, believe that they are being tracked by various entities, or have a personal vendetta against an insignificant or irrelevant subject. Users who encounter schizoposters will usually tell them to take their medication (because t-they're supposed to... okay?!?) and soyjaks who get officially diagnosed with the disorder are usually sent to the asylum. /x/ is commonly known as 4chan schizo central, but the population of schizos has been growing on boards such as /pol/ and /int/, and even hobby boards like /tv/, /v/, and /a/.

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