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Self-insert syndrome
Symptoms'Jakking without the mandatory green meme arrow, blogposting, posts about self-loathing and violent fantasies
Treatment and PrognosisNot enough data
FrequencyNot enough data

Self-inserting is a mental-illness similar to autogynephilia. It is characterized by a 'jakker that starts to identify as the "soy boy" drawings he collects so dearly, to the point of using them as avatars. Sometimes the poster attempts to rectify their identification with these drawings, usually depicting effeminate nu-males or similarly pathetic individuals, by making them muscular or well-hung. Don’t be fooled.

Like other paraphilias, self-insert syndrome is a sign of greater suffering or trauma deep within the individual, but isn't by itself harmful unless the weird behavior has social consequences, nonetheless, it should be pathologized and stamped out for the nebulous standard of normality of the atomized individual in the neo-liberal system of free exchange.[1]

Self-insert syndrome doesn't feature in the DSM-V, which according to Dr. Soyswedeson and colleagues, "confines the syndrome's rate of incidence to tragic obscurity" and that "Further inquiry into the psykosexual aspekten [sic] of this condition could be fruitful", closing off, on an eerie note, "we're working on making it notable enough for the DSM."

Chud Variant[edit | edit source]

So far, it appears to be an off-shoot to self-insert syndrome, seeing as we have no peer-reviewed studies confirming that those posters really do look like and say that. It appears to be far more common thoughbeit, at the very least, and has proved controversial in the Soy Community due to some ‘teen’s disdain of ‘jaks being used as a way to portray a group in a positive light, instead of negatively as soyjaks were originally intended to just do

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

  • Soyswedeson H. (2020). "Short letter on a Case Report Associated with Internet Addiction Disorder - A Blanchardian Analysis" Journal of Norwegian Psychiatrics

Footnotes[edit | edit source]