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The asylum.

The asoylum was a mental health institution. It employed several renowned medical professionals. It was the site of the great insurrection of 2020, in which Dr. Soyberg was killed.

The asylum plays an important role in the Impjak Adventure comic.

Location and facilities[edit | edit source]

An incomplete cross section of the asylum as it appears in Impjak Adventure.
The entrance.

The location of the asylum is unknown. In its appearance in the Impjak Adventure comic, it's located in Petrified Forest National Park, where it's hidden safely underground. In the comic, the asylum is known to house patient wards, offices, a medical wing, laboratories, sewers and an administrative centre. In addition to holding the seat of the Head Doctor, the administrative centre also houses videolink equipment for off-site communication.

The 2020 insurrection[edit | edit source]

In october 2020, a great insurrection broke out among the asylum inmates. The incident has also been referred to as "the schizo rampage",[1] "the asylum uprising"[2] and "The Power Blackouts of 2020".[3] Recent studies suggest that this meltdown was set into motion when a "snekposter" began mocking another poster's Schizophrenia on a /qa/ Thread.[4][5] Sadly, none of the threads in which the events unfolded have been archived, but there are a few index/catalog snapshots that allow us to create a basic picture of the incident:

2020-10-14 - Reports of inmates rampaging. Dr. Soyberg reported dead.[6]
2020-10-25 - After an ensuing power struggle between Dr. Gigachad and Dr. Soystein, Dr. Gigachad is appointed as the Head Psychiatrist.[7]
2020-10-27 - Amidst continuing violence, Dr. Soystein is seen killing the inmate who killed Dr. Soyberg.[8]
2020-11-15 - With the riots still uncontained, martial law is declared, and the military is sent in to restore order.[9]

Staff[edit | edit source]

Dr. Sprokeberg prescribes some medication.

The following people are known to have worked in the asylum:

Patients[edit | edit source]

List of some notable patients from the asylum:

ID Name Threat level
082 ??? Karnivore
1940-1960 ??? Low
029 Billowing Soylent Monster Extremely Violent And Sentient, Contagious Disease Spreader
0999 Doctor. Phd Jacob Jordan Soyowad 9999999999%
5202 Dr. Soyowicz High
??? GigaChad ???
1913 Hacker Soy Physically low, but may be able to cause damage to computer infrastructure.
4221 Hades Somewhat Threatening, Easily Contained
1987 Markiplier Soyjak Extremely Low
11246 Soy Posting Schizo Dangerous When Alone
096 ??? Dangerous But Not Sentient
106 The Soyman Dangerous But Slow
1020 The Wall of Soy Critical
08 ??? Very High
96647-CC-OR-7 Tuco Pacifica Ramirez y Garcia, Ean MacPadraic, and Richard "Dick" Baker Low (High If Provoked)
6959 ??? World Ending
2985 ??? Weak, Easily Contained

Continued. In addition to these high-profile patients, many other soyjaks have been civilly committed to the asylum or captured by the Soy Contain Protect program.

Peer-reviewed citations[edit | edit source]