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Soy Posting Schizo (Patient)

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Soy Posting Schizo was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File[edit | edit source]

Asylum Patient
Patient Soy Posting Schizo.png
ID: 11246
Name: Soy Posting Schizo
Threat level: Dangerous When Alone
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: Dr. Soyowad


Patient: Soy Posting Schizo 11246

Threat Level: Dangerous When Alone

Description And Summary:
SPS11426 Appears to be a bald raceless man in his mid to late 30's, Specimen stands at 1.76784 Meters (5'8) and weighs 72.5748 Kilos (160 lbs) Specimen's wears a large restraining jacket and tattered white pants, the man has clawed out his own eyes and is constantly running side from side in his cell, it is known that before coming into custody, he was found in a house of a family of 5, all of them were brutally murdered and had their jaws forced open into a disturbing grin and glasses were sewn into the skin above their eyebrows and under the eyelids, all of them had green arrows painted on their bodies
the father's head was found several feet away from the decapitated body, his severed head was attached to a white piece of paper, in the act of taking photographs of the grisly remains and head infront of the page, SPS was violently masturbating to it and saying in a mocking tone ">NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he attempted to fight staff but was quickly subduded, he then took a straight razor in the following months and gouged out his eyes, he currently is located in cell 09 at the west hall, locked behind reinforced steel doors, a glass porthole and interrogation room is set next to his cell.[1]

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