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Patients 1940-1960 is a group of patients at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File[edit | edit source]

Asylum Patient
Patient 1940-1960.png
ID: 1940-1960
Name: ???
Threat level: Low
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: Dr. Soyowad

Soy Patient File: Patient 1940-1960
Threat Level: Low
Description: Patient's 1940-1960 are a group of middle aged men with grey thinning hair and black sunglasses, they often are accompanied by lawn mowers and the video game "Quake"
Patient 1940-1960 think they are from the generation predating theirs, since a current trend in patient escapes resulted in the phrase "boomer" be used for anyone older than a single digit age number, the easiest way to cause patient 1940-1960 to cry out in pain is to tell them they aren't really "boomers" and are infact millenials

Patients 1940-1960 are not to be confused with "real boomers" as "real boomers" complain about politics and the economy more than Quake and Lawnmowers[1]

Citations[edit | edit source]