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A janitor soyjak based on the Markiplier Soyjak

Janny is a derogatory nickname given to the janitors of 4chan's moderation team, as well as the name of a recently discovered brainworm parasite. However the phrase is also used for the moderation teams of other websites (such as Soyjak.party) as well.

This is often accompanied by phrases such as: "They do it for free" or "fuck niggers fuck jannies" to mock the tired, sexually frustrated individuals that moderate imageboards.

The original design of the "janny" comes from Mr. Morris, a character from the show "Arthur". Funposters have a long and well established tradition of making OC mocking the janitors. Among soyposters, this tradition has resulted in several soyjak variants. The large ears of the character also represent the ease at which the brain slugs enter the human mind.

As a species, Jannies are sluglike creatures that natively live in swampy areas. They are parasitic in nature, and they enter the brains of unsuspecting humans in order to puppet them. They then answer to a sort of hive mind, and seemingly are immediately added to the 4channel moderating team. The current reasons for this are unknown.

Many debate if all jannies are "trannies" but it is common belief that is true for the 41% of the 4chan Janitors. [1].

4chan jannies mostly dilate in /j/, as well as the 4chan IRC channel and Discord.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Jannies love to feed on earwax, and if out of an ear canal, they also enjoy eating dirty socks.

  1. This claim has been contested by several truthlers.