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Goth is a Commiepedotroon from north cyprus who is Best known for being the CP spammer

Dox[edit | edit source]

CP spammer's doxx:

>Name: İtil Altın

>Age: 16

>Discord: goth#3900


>Location: Kyrenia in Turkish Cyprus, also known by its Turkish name of Girne (original doxx listed Nicosia as his location, the bigger capital city to the south, however Kyrenia fits with the given coordinates better. At the very least, Kyrenia is where he goes to school. The two cities are a 50 minute drive from each other)

>Coordinates: 35°20'15.0"N 33°19'05.0"E

>School: Anafartalar Lisesi High School in Kyrenia

>School's website:

>School's email:

>Turkish Cyprus Police website:

>Turkish Cyprus Police email: