Kolyma Network

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Kolyma Network
Technology Company
FoundedMarch 14th, 2005; 18 years ago
CreatorYuri Kuznetsov

KolymaNET, formally the Kolyma Network, is a Russian NGO created and run by Yuri Kuznetsov. It is known to many for its services such as hosting and VPN's, but has achieved most of its notoriety through its vast acquisitions across the internet and their mysterious goals, known as the Kolyma Doctrines.

From a more literal standpoint, KolymaNET's biggest influence on the internet is through the hands of the NSS, a Russian private security organization which serves as KolymaNET's security apparatus. The NSS, comprised of numerous "Agents" acts in a manner similar to the CIA or FSB, conducting psyops, surveillance, and cyber attacks against its enemies.