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Total Nigger Death (TND) is the proposed complete eradication of niggers. More generally, TND refers to both the hypothetical situation of there being zero niggers ("zero nigger protocol"), as proposed by soyteens, as well as the process of achieving such a situation (killing all niggers). TND is a core tenet of chudjak's philosophy.

Many soyteens have advocated for TND, and some are currently attempting to bring it to fruition in generals such as /nkg/.

Plausibility[edit | edit source]

There is currently no conceivable way to achieve total nigger death, at least not within a single lifetime. Worse yet, even partial nigger death will be hard to achieve with conventional means and in a short timeframe due to the large difference in the number of niggers as opposed to soyteens; even if we were to launch all nukes onto africa most niggers would live. However, the achievability of Total Nigger Death is defended by its advocates, who call for unity, coordination and joint action in order to bring the project to completion.

mnd[edit | edit source]

A meganiggerdeath (mnd) is a unit of measurement which indicates 1 million nigger deaths.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Though many soyteens have advocated for TND on a number of occasions, it is not universally popular. Advocates of Total Nigger Death have been accused of racism and even white supremacism.

Proposed alternatives[edit | edit source]

Total Non-Aryan Death[edit | edit source]

Total Non-Aryan Death, as well as Total Aryan Salvation, was supposedly promised by God.[1]

Partial Nigger Death[edit | edit source]

Partial Nigger Death (PND) is the total obliteration of some niggers rather than the conventional target of all niggers. PND is controversial in the nigger death community because it leaves some niggers alive, but fact checkers have deemed PND a much more achievable and cost effective nigger death scenario which would bring most of the short-term benefits of TND for only a fraction of the cost. A different form of Partial Nigger Death is also supported by teens who would otherwise support TND but want to keep morgan freeman.