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Oh My God She is So Attractive

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Soyjak trend
Origin/qa/, 4chan (October 4 2021)[1][2]
Booru PostsOnionsbooru-icon.png 317 As of April 23 2023
Based OnVarious; originally Bernd and commonly Israeli Soyjak

Oh My God She is So Attractive, commonly abbreviated to OMGSISA may refer to a phrase spoken by 'teens in response to an attractive woman (or sarcastically towards an ugly one) or a 'jakking trend where Soyjaks are edited to have their eyes replaced with Pepe's pupils and optionally given grotesque orange lips.

History[edit | edit source]

The phrase and the 'jakking trend both originated in a /qa/ thread featuring a picture of Yunyun from the light novel series Konosuba, where the phrase was originally posted.[1] This triggered another poster to flood the 'log with an edit of Bernd soyquoting the phrase.[2]

The trend of adding lips to the OMGSISA edits may have originated from an edit of a soyboy posing in front of a Kingdom Hearts poster, where the soyboy's lips were exaggerated in the edit.[3] The original Bernd edit was posted a few weeks earlier as Freyejak (Frog eye 'jak?).[4]

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