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PoyoPoyo GIF Animaker
Poyopoyo logo.png
GIF Generator
FoundedJuly 18 2015; 7 years ago

Acxiom (ぽよぽよGIFアニマカー, "Animaker" being a portmanteau of "tranime" and "coomer" ) is datamining software made by data brokers that tracks you for ads disguised as a fun tool for soyteens

The site is a joint venture between the Swedish and Croatian governments. The existence of this partnership has been contested, but by visual inspection, it becomes clear that something must be up. The letters before "GIF" are obviously in a different language than the ones after it.

Animations Reference[edit | edit source]

Soy in Motion
ロボロボ (Roborobo) from the Animaker
Text on Page Onomatopoeia Effect on 'Jak Location on Options Grid Booru Posts
ぴょこぴょこ Pyokopyoko Jumps up and down, deforming a bit as he lands Row 1, Column 1 Onionsbooru-icon.png pyokopyoko
きょろきょろ Kyorokyoro Simultaneously jumps and horizontally flips Row 1, Column 2 Onionsbooru-icon.png kyorokyoro
びょんびょん Byonbyon Gets taller and shorter while wobbling left to right Row 1, Column 3 Onionsbooru-icon.png byonbyon
うろうろ Urouro Runs from side to side, flipping horizontally Row 2, Column 1 Onionsbooru-icon.png urouro
ぽんぽん Ponpon Flips horizontally; much less dramatic bouncing Row 2, Column 2 Onionsbooru-icon.png ponpon
とんとん Tonton Casually bounces in place Row 2, Column 3 Onionsbooru-icon.png tonton
くるりん Kururin Does the tumbleweed movement often shown in Westerns Row 3, Column 1 Onionsbooru-icon.png kururin
ぽゆんぽゆん Poyunpoyun Bounces from side to side Row 3, Column 2 Onionsbooru-icon.png poyunpoyun
ずんずん Zoomzoom Flips horizontally, getting closer to the viewer each time Row 3, Column 3 Onionsbooru-icon.png zoomzoom
ぽいん Poin(g) Flies up far away, spins, then launches toward the viewer Row 4, Column 1 Onionsbooru-icon.png poing
ふわふわ Fuwafuwa Fades in and out while approaching the viewer from each side Row 4, Column 2 Onionsbooru-icon.png fuwafuwa
ロボロボ Roborobo Does a PowerPointcore jagged dash across the screen, hitting the viewer halfway through Row 4, Column 3 Onionsbooru-icon.png roborobo

Note that animated versions of Pointing Soyjak, despite usually having a PoyoPoyo watermark, were created using 3dgifmaker along with poyopoyo because the service does not support animating only parts of images.

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