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Jacobson may refer to an uncommon generic nickname for soyjaks (see Soyjak Nicknames), a name for a common baby deformed soyjak variant, or an angry soyjak variant that took on the name on 4channel's /qa/ board in September 2021. [1]

History of the name and its usage[edit | edit source]

Jacobson, as a nickname for soyjaks, is one of many soyjak nicknames derived from "'jak". The first individual soyjak it became associated with was a baby deformed soyjak variant based on A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak, one of the first deformed 'jaks. On September 2021, a different 'jak became known as Jacobson, an angry 'jak similar in expression to Eat The Bugs Soyjak, albeit newer and much less popular.[2] The variant received a mixed reception on soyjak.party, where Chuds negatively compared it to the Croat's 'jaks [3] [4] and deformedposters disparagingly nicknamed it "Fakecobson". [5] Soon, however, the angry variant became more commonly referred to as "'Cobson" (occasionally spelled without the apostrophe, implying that "Cobson" is his full name).

The Variant "Sidson" is separated even further from other 'sons. Being a specific pastiche and sequel to the LawnMower man soyjak, its aesthetic similarities to the original Jacobson (bared, singular row of teeth, detailed whites and pupils in eyes) are purely convergent in evolution as the "Sid"-prefix is named entirely from the character of it's namesake (SID 6.7), though most 'jakkers simply title it "Sidjak" either to do misunderstanding, simplicity,or an attempt to separated form other 'sons. Vinluv, its original creator, still stands besides the use of "Sidson" or "Sidjak", the naming controversy has many Siddish posters confused to this day.[6] This distinction was supported by deformedposters who wanted Cobson to be distinguished from their prized baby Jacobson. [7]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Jacobson is a deformed edit of A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak but without glasses or facial hair.

Citations[edit source]

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